Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


12. We Are Young

-Ellie's POV-

"Ellie! Someone's here to see you!" My Mum calls up
"Tell them to come up!" I said my door was slightly closed.
I take out my head phones and wait for my visitor to get up here. All the sudden my door opens and not one but 5 boys walk in.
Louis and the boys sit on what ever they can sit on. Louis sitting on my bed. Harry sitting on the chair at my desk his chest facing the back of it. Niall and Zayn sitting on the beanbag chair I have and Liam sitting on the work out ball bouncing.
"So how can I help you?" I asked smiling I'm glad they at least had respect for my nose to go home and have showers before coming over
"Just wanted to come say hi" Louis said pecking my cheek I blush
"Get a room" Harry says
"Don't be jealous" Louis says Harry rolls his eyes
"Oh please." He says
"So" I say loud enough to end their childish bickering
"Congrats on the win guys" I said high fiving them all I reach out my hand for Liam to high five when he falls of
Harry does his high pitched laugh and leans back in the chair when he pulls on the back pulling the chair out from under himself as he crashed to the ground, Louis, Niall and Zayn laughed so hard I have to admit I was laughing too.
Harry gets up his face pale with embarrassment. Liam slowly gets up and sits on the ball again. I get my high five from him
"But you Louis" I said pecking his cheek "get a kiss" I said Harry clears his throat and pokes his cheek I smile
"Not happening Harold" I said
"Guuuurl you know you want this" Harry said rubbing his hands on his torso
"Of course I do, you and all four of your nipples" I said Louis snorts beside me Niall and Zayn giggle Liam chuckles slightly turning his head away covering his face.
"Is a birth defect! Leave me alone." Harry says pouting
"Hey in the bright side Harry you could nurse puppies" Liam says
"Shush up Payne!" Harry says Liam still laughs Harry picks up my over due "Romeo & Juliet" book and holds it by the corner holding it behind his head and letting it fly it hit Liam in the stomach as he whined
"Guys" I said Harry looked at me like and angel pretending to point out his halo by doing circles around his head. Liam just waves awkwardly.
"So anyways, boys whats it like having Louis back?" I asked
"Amazing!" They all gush, I look over at Louis and he smiled and put his hand on my knee as he kissed my cheek.
"Ugh" Harry says making a barf sound Louis took one of my pillow and threw it at Harry, he dodged it
"Haha you miss-" he got cut off by Louis sending another one at him, it hit Harry straight in the face. I laughed this time. Harry pouted
"Aww poor little Hazza... Louis look at him" I said Harry kept his puppy dog baby face on. Louis smiled
"Sorry Haz" Louis said
"Iz otay" Harry said pouting. I hated when he did this cause it just made me wanna hug him.
Louis chuckles and links his fingers with mine.
"So!" Liam calls awkwardly I look over at Zayn and Niall who were in their own world. To me they weren't One Direction they were my friends...
"Ellie!" My Mum calls
"Yeah!" I call back down the steps
"Are the boys staying for dinner?!" She calls up I look them all over they all nod and say yes
"Yeah, might wanna make extra, you know Niall!" I yell down
"Yep, it'll be ready soon!" She calls
I sit back on Louis' chest Ashe leans on my head board Harry's rests his chin on the back of the chair.
"I'm hungry" Niall says
"We know Niall, how about we watch a movie?" Zayn asks
"Ok" I say we pick out Toy Story 3. The boys face their backs to me and Louis.
I look back at Louis he looks down at me and leans in giving me an Eskimo kiss
I tilt my head connecting our lips. We had some groove going on when Louis poked my bottom lip with his tongue. I gave him access and this is the first time I've ever made out with Louis.
We disconnected lips to make sure the boys hadn't seen us, they were focused on the movie Louis puts his finger my my jaw and turns my head onwards him and kisses me again I put my hand on the back if his head in his hair he puts his hand on my waist.
"Ellie!" My Mum calling my name makes me and Louis jolt apart faster than the speed of light.
"Yeah!" I call back feeling the loss of breath from the kiss
"Dinner!" She calls up Niall jumps up.
"Lets go!" He yells I laugh. Getting off the bed Louis following me as the ret of the boys run down the stairs. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I couldn't get enough of kissing Louis. I turn around and kiss him gently, no tongue but I drag put his lower lip we walk down the stairs and my Mum sets out plates for everyone
"Dinner is served!" She said as we attack the food.


All of the boys left but Louis we were in my room again. In the same position we were in my hand still in his hair at the back of his head he had his hand on my waist again. As we made out. I've never been in a moment that felt so perfect. I guess it was true... Louis really has that one thing. We were kissing slowly. It wasn't rough and quick it was gentle and loving.
"Ellie!" My Mum calls Louis removes his lips from mine and puts his face in the crook of my neck he groans I smile.
"Yes Mum?!" I call down
"I gotta go out I'll be back though ok?!" Se called up
"Yeah ok"
"You know the rules don't break them!" She yelled up I felt my cheeks get hot I was embarrassed, I can't believe my Mum would even mention that.
I hear the door close and Louis kisses up my neck and back to my lips where we continue what we were doing. I wrapped my leg around his back pulling him closer. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop kissing Louis.
His phone starts to ring "We are young" by Fun.
"Just let it ring" he says against my lips I nod putting both of my hands in his teddy bear hair he puts his hands on my rib cage just below my breasts his torso was hovering over my body so he wasn't completely on top of me.
The ringing of his phone was starting to kill the mood, I reached my hand into his back pocket and pulled it out handing it to him I pulled my lips from his he sighed and pressed the answer button
"--What? When? Fine I'm coming do the rest of the boys know?"
"--alright see you soon" he said I looked at him
"You have to leave?" I asked he nodded I pouted
"Aww babe don't pout" he said I took my hands out of his hair and looked away
"Boo" he said I didn't look at him he rested his forehead on mine
"I love you" he said
"I love you too Boobear" I said
"I have to go" he said
"Wait" I said grabbing the back of his head putting my hands in his hair again and pulling his lips down to mine we kiss lust filled and desperate. He disconnects his lips from mine sliding his mouth down onto my chin his breath coming out in breathless puffs
"Oh my god I love you" he says pecking my lips as he got of the bed he helped me up we walked don't he steps
"See you tomorrow." He says
"Ok" I said he pecked my cheek and walked out of my house my heart was beating so fast.
"Best day if my life" I whisper to myself.
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