Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


8. Relationship Starus and a little Football talk

-Louis' POV-

I walk down the hall and when I see Ellie walking with two of her friends at her sides I smile stupidly at her she blushes her friends look at me like their fantasizing kissing me it's awkward I wink at Ellie and she puts her head down and blushes I keep walking and meet up with Niall and Lenox
"What was that about?" Niall asked tilting his head towards Ellie
"Well I told her I liked her" I said
"Why is this the first time I'm hearing about it?" Niall asked
"I don't know I just kinda kept it a secreat" Lenox smirks after I say it
"What's so funny Stevenson?" I said
"Nothing Tomlinson, I'll catch you guys later k?" He says
"Yep" I say he walks down the hall I smile as Niall shakes his head at me
"Secreat" he says I nod
After school I saw Ellie on a little group of her friend in a circle I walk up and slip my hands around her from behind I look at her friend who is wide mouthed I remember her telling me that all of her friends think I'm drop dead gorgeous which made me a little bit un importable at the time but now it was hilarious in the situation.
I kiss her hair
"See you later" I say
"See you at your house later" I whisper in her ear and look all of her friends over and nod my head and walk away covering my mouth so I wouldn't stop laughing but when I'm flicked in the cheek I look over to my left and see Harry
"What was that about?" He says raising his brows
"A joke" I said
"Mhm sure" he says I push him
"Stop nagging me" I said
"I wanted to talk to you did you drive today?" He asks
"No Mum dropped me off" I said
"Good come with me to my house so we can chat" he says
"I'm supposed to go to Ellie's house" I said
"Mum is making turkey sandwiches" he says
"I guess I can come I don't have to be at Ellie's till later" I said he props me and led me to his parked Audi, we get in and drive to his house when we walk in I give Anne a kiss on the cheek
"Harry baby can you set the table" Anne says as we sit at the table Harry across from me he looks at her
"Mum don't call me baby" he says
"Ok Harry honey can you set the table" she says Harry face palms himself but gets up and sets the table
"Harry baby do you want some tea?" She asks he slams his head down on the table his curls bunching
"Don't call me baby" he grunts Anne smiles at me
"Tea?" She says I nod
"That would be lovely thank you Anne" I say
"So Hazza what did you wanna talk about?" I ask he lifts up his head
"You need to join the team again."
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