Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


20. Practice Fun

-Louis' POV- 

I sat at the table in the Caf with the boys. Ellie and Jeremy were officially a "Thing" we can't move this week so we have to wait two weeks. That means two weeks of seeing Ellie with the jackass good for nothing man whore. He walked in with her when he walked by my table he nudged my head with his arm and smacked Ellie's ass. That was it. I pushed out my chair and before any of the boys could stop me I grabbed the back of Jeremy's shirt and pulled him back I turned him around and punched him in the face and knocked him down everyone Ooooo'd I straddled Jeremy's lap and punched him in the face again Ellie and the boys were shouting at me while every one shouted 
"fight fight fight!" 
I punched Jeremy in the face one more time and he reversed me punching me I grabbed the collar of his shirt and head butted him and pushed him back I dragged him up to his feet and punched him in the stomach he tried to punch my face but I dodged it and landed a hard punch just below his armpit. 
I pushed him into a table where he slammed into trays of food I wiped my mouth and felt a hard slap on my cheek everyone Ooo'd again I looked to see Ellie. 
"I hate you!" She shouted 
"What goes around comes around honey" I said she slapped me again 
"Will you stop slapping me!" I yelled she flinched 
"Who are you?" She asked 
"I'm the guy you broke. You Better be careful El, that guy only wants whats under that dress." I said she glared at me 
"You don't even know him!" She shouted 
"Maybe you don't. Why don't you stop focusing on trying to get a better guy than me and focus on what kind of a guy he is! You wanted to stay a virgin that was your choice but with him. In a snap of your fingers you'll be the biggest slut in school" I said she slapped me again
"Keep slapping me Hun I'm not a bug it's not gunna make me go away. But I'll tell you that guy... He's a germ. I only just hope you still focus on things you want and things that are good for you than what he wants." I said turning around Ellie pushed me from behind I turned around 
"Enough Ellie!" I yelled in her face her sad eyes made my angry tight smile disappear I looked into her eyes she looked into mine Jeremy groaned and she ran off towards him. He growled angrily Ellie tried to help him but he shoved her away causing her to fall 
I walked up to Jeremy and grabbed his shirt 
"Don't you ever touch her again!" I yelled and punched him straight in the nose he fell knocked out in a heap at my feet. 
I took one look at Ellie she shook her head at me. I rolled my eyes and shook my head I walked out of the Caf as every one stared at me, I was fucking down with this bullshit.

-2 Days Later- 

Ellie walked into the school wearing his waisted short shorts that showed her ass. And a tank top exposing her cleavage and her combat boots I sighed as she walked by me. Jeremy followed her staring me down I stepped towards him he f,inched first but then shoved me into my locker I grumbled Harry held me back from him everybody stared Jeremy flipped me off slipping his arm around Ellie. 
When he was put of sight Harry let me go I punched my locker leaving a dent
"Fuck him!" I yelled 


After school we had soccer practice Jeremy had filled in a spot for Lenox since he had a broken leg. I hated seeing him in school let alone on my fucking field. 
Coach blew his whistle I walked onto the field to see Ellie leaned over the barricade as her and Jeremy made out. I shook my head and joined the team. Jeremy followed me into the circle. It was just basic drills today. Good I set them up... 

-play Get Some by Lykke Li- 

We ran around the filed Harry smirked and Niall got in his place. It was just One Direction on the field today.. 
We centered Jeremy in the right spot. 
Harry passed the ball Jeremy wasn't paying attention I passed it back to Harry and he kicked it, it flew into Jeremy's crowned jewels he fell to his knees Harry snorted but went and retrieved the ball 
"Sorry man my bad, actually no I'm not sorry." He said smiking he slapped Jeremy on the back 
"C'mon get up princess" Harry said as he walked away it was just hours of setting up drills to make Jeremy look like an idiot. Once I kicked it and it went right passed him 
"Hey dumbass!" I yelled he looked at me 
"The point of this game is to kick the fucking ball!" I said he nodded and kicked the ball to Liam I chuckled I looked over at Ellie squinting from the sunlight she shook her head out at me I just turned around and kept making her boyfriend look like an idiot infront of coach. 
I enjoyed this really. 
I kicked the ball and it hit Jeremy in the face I laughed but apologized fakely. 
"Hey! Captain come over here!" Ellie yelled I groaned but jogged over to her 
"What the fuck are you doing?" She asked 
"Having a little fun baby." I said 
"Don't call me that. And stop picking on Jeremy" 
"I don't think that's possible unless you can't slip me a 20 out if your bra is that where he outs it when he pays you to fuck him?" I asked 
"Go to hell" she said 
"Maybe, see you there?" I said she grabbed onto my jersey and pulled me close to her our faces inches 
"You may think this is a funny little game but your wrong. Quit it before I hurt you" she said 
"You know back then I would have liked this but now I think having your face this close to mine is just flat out disgusting so if you an please remove your face form my personal space that would be lovely" I said she glared at me but pushed me away I smirked and walked back to the practice. 

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