Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


17. Lines, Vines & Trying Times

-Louis' POV- 

I walked down the hall with Harry, on our way to Mr. Rileys' class. 
I was still hiding my hickey from that girl, by wearing my baby blue button up shirt I had it buttoned up all the way. Harry gave high fives to 
98.5% of the people we walked by how many people does this know?
I just walked silently. I was ashamed although things were better between me and Ellie I still felt like a complete asshole. 
I mean of course she kissed me back that counts right? We walk into the classroom and take our seats behind Zayn. He turns and greets us. 
"Woah Harry you look like death" he said 
"Yeah that's because I sleep in a coffin six feet under the ground and dig myself out everyday." Harry said Zayn raised his brow at Harry, Harry was hardly sassy... That was my thing. Mr. Rileys was running late Harry rolled his pencil between his fingers (like in the volks wagon commercial) 
Mr. Rileys came in his lips looked redder and swelled 
Harry leans over to me
"Hey I think Mr. Rileys got some action" Harry said cupping his mouth whispering in my ear I smirked. 
"Ok class..." I zoned out I started to doodle on my paper. I was completely zoned right out until Harry elbowed me in the ribs I swatted his arm 
"Ouch" he said 
"Be my partner" he said quickly recovering 
"Ok" I said less than thrilled Mr. Rileys brought around jars of things to put on the slides of the microscopes. 
I took one out and opened it I took the tweezers and saw a spider. It was still alive and started to squirm Harry squealed and fell out of his chair. 
I chuckled he pointed to it 
"Get that away from me" he said sitting down 
"Why?" I asked 
"Because I'm afraid of spiders" he said (Harry really isn't afraid of spiders... I think...:))
"Why are you afraid of a spider? It's like way smaller than you" I said
"Yeah so is a grenade" he said Matter of factly I laughed and dropped the spider on his part of the desk it started to crawl around Harry squealed again and took his text book and hit the spider repeatedly I stopped him after atleast 10.
"Woah woah woah... I think it's dead Harry" I said Harry sighed he turned his book around and saw the dead spider. He threw the book onto the ground. 
I chuckled at him. He calmly took his seat. He fixed his long sleeve Hollister top and a
Own placed his elbows on his desk 
"Well that escalated quickly...." I said turning back to the microscope. 
"Yeah yeah..." He said waving me off I smirked and switched the slide. 


It was lunch. Ellie wasn't talking to me I don't know why I mean we kissed right? Everything was ok. Right? I sighed as I sat down beside the boys taking out my lunch. 
I ate quietly when I saw her walk in my eyes followed her I wanted so desperately to call to her "Ellie! I'm sorry!" But I didn't have the guts as the boys joked around and laughed with the team I sat there quietly. Ellie ate at the table with girls that didn't talk so it was the table for people who didnt have friends. Of course me and the boys were pretty much her only friends. 
I looked back over to Ellie to see her talking to a guy. I got really jealous. I hated the fact that I was really jealous. I mean jealous wasn't me and what reason did I have to be jealous? I don't even think Ellie and I are still dating. I mean you don't completely ignore  your boyfriend. 
I sighed worst day ever. 
I walked down the hall with Harry. 
"What's got you so down Louis?" Harry asked 
"Just this Ellie bullshit" I said 
"Ah you've got yourself some trying times Lou" he says I look at him brining my brows together. He sighs 
"Yep some Lines, Vines and trying times..." He says I bring my together once more but I chuckle
"Was that Shakespeare?" I asked 
"No the Jonas Brothers" he says I laughed and it felt good. Leave it to Harry to make me smile or laugh in any situation. I smiled as we walked down the hall 
We walked out towards the field for our soccer game 
"Hey!" Someone called we kept walking 
"Hey I'm talking t you!" The voice yelled closer to us now I turned my head to only see the girl from that night. 
"Hey Louis" she said 
"" I said
"You don't remember huh?" She said I nodded 
"I'm sorry I was just really drunk that night" I said I turned around 
"Harry I'll meet you in the dressing room ok?" I said he nodded and walked off 
As soon as he was away I turned to the girl 
"Did we um do anything that night?" I asked awkwardly 
"Don't worry the farthest we went was hand jobs" she said I chocked on my own spit. 
"Are you ok?" She asked 
"Yeah... I'm fine" I said finishing coughing
"I brought you this" she said taking out my shirt from that night I took it 
"Thanks listen I gotta go to my soccer game, I'm sorry about everything... Why don't you stay and we can talk after?" I asked 
"I would like that, how about we start over? I'm Anna". She said 
"Hi Anna I'm Louis. Pleasure to meet you" I said shaking her hand she smiled I nodded smiling and turned I walked towards the change rooms 
I walked in 
"Who is she and why is she crushing on you?" Harry asked as soon as I walked in I looked over at him his black shorts hanging low exposing his boxer line and his bare chest exposed I sighed I took off my shirt and put on my jersey 
"She's just a friend Harry relax" I said 
"Just a friend? Sorry bud but she was eye fucking you" he said I groaned pulling down my pants and pulling in my shorts I tied up my collates and slipped my captain sweat band onto my forearm near my elbow. 
I looked at Harry he finished tying his shoe.
"I'll tell you later ok? Lets just go ok?" I said Harry nodded we walked own the hall meeting the team at the entrance. 
The people on the bleachers stomping and clapping our signature beat "we will rock you" like before every game. 
I took my spot at the front of the line when we were announced we walked out I looked at the crowed Liam and Harry walking behind me as long as the rest of the team. We took our spots I went to center field to meet the other captain. I looked him in eyes we shook hands and the game started. 


I stood waiting for the ball to be past to me I looked around the stands and stopped looking when I saw my Ellie. She stood looking at me I looked back at her desperately is it wanting to run over there and give her a kiss that's what I wanted so badly. I just didnt want her to be mad at me. 
I felt the ball come in contact with the side of my head I fell back feeling fuzzy I sat up 
"Hey, you ok?" Shane says 
"Who hit me? Who fuckin hit me?" I asked him before the refs could hear me. 
"Number 27" he answered 
"Well number 27 is about to get a taste of Number 17." I said getting up 
"17 your on the bench." Coach said I sighed I'm fucking fine. 
I walked over to the bench. I sat putting my head in my hands. I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up to see Anna she had came threw the short distance she kneeled you've gotta be kidding this isn't happening. Not infront of Ellie 
"Are you ok?" She asked 
"Fine thank you" I said kinda polite kinda not. 
"So are we still on for later" I looked over at Ellie to see her shake her head and get up and turn to leave 
"No I'm busy Im sorry Anna I'll be right back" I said I went to get up but coach whistled me 
"17! In now" coach says I look back at the stands only to see Ellie leaving I grunt and turn my head running to where Im needed. 

Soccer made my relationship and now it'd gunna destroy it. 

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