Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


14. I'm A Cluts

-Harry's POV-

"Oh my god I'm so bored!" I groan leaning my head back in my chair yawning fanning out my arms. Zayn and Louis chuckle. We were sitting in Science which was b-o-r-i-n-g boring!
Our teacher Mr. Rileys was so hard to understand cause he talks so fast and he talks to himself like mutters and it's hard to understand what the hell he's saying. I sit back up and fix my curls by flinging them around
"So what did you love birds do this fine morning?" I asked Louis. This morning he left me and Zayn to go to study hall or whatever with Ellie.
"Actually we didn't study at all...." He trails off I swat him on the arm
"Louis! On the bleachers you slut!" I said the whole class looks at us Mr. Rileys glares at me, I put my hands up to surrender to him
"Sorry" I say in a snarky tone I look to my side and across the ally I see a geeky kid staring at me I turn my head away "oookaaaay then" I mutter under my breath looking away
"Nice going moron" Louis says
"Ouch." I said sarcastically
"Why would you yell something like that out?" Louis asks I look at the kid again he is still looking at me. I glance away ad look at him again
"Can I help you?!" I asked dragging out the "you" he looked down at his paper embarrassed
"I don't know I wasn't thinking." I said jumping back into me and Louis' conversation.
"You never are" Zayn says
"Oh shush Zayn" I said smiling
"You guys know how much of a loser I look like now?" Zayn asks
"How?" Louis asks
"You all have girls, I don't." Zayn says
"You'll find one don't worry Zaynie" I sad joking around he smirked.
The bell rang
"Thank The Lord!" I said rising up from my seat
"Um Mr.Styles" Mr. Rileys says
"Yep" I said
"That's just the late bell" he says
"You've gotta be shitting me" I said sinking back down in my chair where Louis and zayn are snickering
"Nice one slick" Louis says form beside me
"Leave me alone. It felt like I've been in here for an hour. But really it has only been 5 minutes" I said with a sigh Zayn pets my head
"Aww poor Hazza, want your dubbie?" Zayn says
"No but your going to be sneezing out of your belly button cause I'm going to beat your face in so bad" I said
"Oh damn. Sassy" Louis says I chuckle so does Zayn he knows I'm just joking.
"Alright class" Mr. Rileys starts I turn my head and look out the windows at the sunny day I'd kill to be running on the field right now. My eyes flick down and I notice the geeky kid still staring at me
"Jesus Christ" I groaned planting my elbow on My desk and facing the opposite way of him but I could still feel his eyes on me...
"So, Zayn we need to find you a bachelorette" I said
"Woah Harry that's a big word surprised you know it" Louis says I kick him under the desk
"You know what they say... You shouldn't say words you can't spell." Zayn says. I knock the black fedora hat off his head he groans
"Ass" he says I chuckle as he puts it back on.
"So as I was saying..." I said raising my volume at the "as I was saying" part gaining Louis and Zayn's attention once more.
"While snoozeville is yapping it up about some type of gas or whatever explain to us what exactly you and Ellie did" I said wiggling my brows at Louis
"What do you think we did Harry?" Louis said
"I don't think you wanna know what I think you did" I said rasing and quickly dropping my brows.
"It's nothing important..." He said
"Yeah it is. Since you guys started dating you've been A-wall. Tell me atleast you get SOME action." I said
"I get action" he said causing me and Zayn to lean in closer to him
"What kind of action Louis?" I asked
"If you asking she is still a virgin"
"She hasn't lost her virginity?!" I said loudly getting people's attention
"Mr. Styles" Mr. Rileys said
"I know I'm sorry" I said he nodded continuing with his lesson I turned around and Louis slapped me in the throat with the side if his hand kinda like a karate chop. I clutched my throat coughing I could feel tears coming to my eyes I fell of my chair making a loud bang
"HARRY STYLES!" Mr. Rileys yelled at me impatiently dropping the book about some type of gas on his counter top at the front.
"I'm sorry!" I called from the floor
"Sorry doesn't mean anything to you" he said
"Wow Mr. Rileys has a heart" I mutter to Louis as I get back to my seat he laughs Zayn turns around to do his work when Mr. Rileys hands it out me and Louis keep up a conversation.
"So what's the name of the girl your with?" Louis asks
"Kelsey" I said
"That's a pretty name. What's her last name?"
"Henry" I said
"Kelsey Henry?" Louis says
"Yeah you've heard of her?" I asked
"No I haven't. We should double date." He says
"Sounds fun. I'll ask Kelsey"
"What's going on?" Zayn asks turning around
"Oh we were talking about double dates" I start
"Maybe we should quintuple date" I said
"Quintuple date?" Louis asked rasing his brows Zayn looked confused too.
"Where 5 couples go out" I said Zayn looked at me
"Harry I'm single" he says
"So is Niall, just go with him" I said
"Then it wouldnt be a quintuple date" Louis says
"Oh what ever! Fuck it. Just a double date then" I said
There was a knock on the door and a girl with brown hair and blue eyes stood at the door.
"Holy shit" Zayn whispered
"What?" I asked
"I think you can reschedule that quintuple date" Zayn said staring at the girl."
"Niall's still ingle though pal" Louis said writing an answer down
"Whatever." Zayn said airy
"Can I help you Karleigh?" Mr. Rileys asked the girl
"Her names Karleigh" Zayn says pulling on my long sleeve shirt
"Cool, why don't you just marry her already?" I said scribbling down a few answers
"I was wondering if you have a few lab beakers?" She said
"Yes come on in" Mr. Rileys said she came into the room gracefully as Zayn watched.
"Oh I need an eraser" she said
"I got one" I Zayn casually, keeping his cool. She smiles at him and walks over as Mr. Rileys continues with his boring lesson.
"Hi" She says Zayn scooted over on his chair and she sat beside him, I shook my head making a mental note to teach him how to pick up a girl, 1. You should make her sur on your lap not scotch over like what the hell? I kick the bottom of his chair and sniffle and keep working when I realize they were looking at me.
"Sorry just let me find it" he said
"It's no problem, whats your name?" She asked
"Zayn. Here it is" he said he ripped a piece of paper and scribbled some stuff on it and handed it to her with the eraser. She smiled
"Thanks for the eraser. Bye" she says
"No problem anytime" he said smiling then she walked out
"Smooth" Louis said dragging it out we erupted in laughter.
I start thinking about the double date I have to plan what are we going to do? Movies? Bowling? I got it! Dinner and go carting!
This is going to be fun. Just Me, Louis, Ellie and Kelsey.

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