Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


19. Harry Convinces Louis To Leave Town

-Louis' POV- 

I chased after Ellie threw the rain. 
I caught her hand when we reached a side walk. 
"Stop running away from me" I said she tried to take her hand from my grip but I held it there. 
"Don't touch me." She said 
"What else do you want from me?! I apologized! You made me feel like shit for a week! What else do I have to do to get you to understand I'm sorry?!" I yelled she looked at me rain streaming down her face 
"I'm not going to stay with someone who cheated on me!" She yelled 
"I'm sorry! Jeez Ellie what else do you want me to say?! I love you so much and you know that! You know I love you and what I did was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my entire life. I'm stupid and wreck less but that's why I have you!" I said
"Your wrong Louis." She said a car pulled up beside us 
"You don't have me" she said I looked around the dark streets hating myself. 
"Who's that?" I asked as she opened up the door 
"Jeremy, he's my ride. I didn't wanna stay with you longer than I had to. You had your chance Louis and your destroyed any chances of us being together. Why don't you just do what you did before when things got bad? Leave. And come back in another 5 years." She said getting into the car I saw the guys face though it was burned into my memory. 
I stood in he rain soaked dripping wet. I sat on the curb I didn't even bother outing my hood up. I sat crying and hating myself I slowly got up. I stopped in the middle of the lane I stood there I closed my eyes. Until I was tackled down to the sidewalk just as a car sped by. I looked up to see Harry's soaked curls 
"Is he ok?" The Irish accent boomed in my ears like the thunder 
"What are you doing here?" I said angrily I didn't want to be saved. 
"Saving you from making the stupidest mistake of your life" Zayn's voice entered the conversation 
"Do you know what you would have done to your family? What you would have done to Ellie?" Liam asked 
Harry still had me pinned down. 
"Ellie doesn't give a fuck about me. She's fucking some Jeremy guy." I said Harry's face turned from concerned to angry. 
"Is that serious all it takes for you to give up?" Harry said angrily 
"What?" I snapped 
"One girl?!" He said thunder booming after the light flash of lighting. 
"One girl and you'd end it all? You'd end your life? Over one girl?!" He yelled lightning flashed behind him he shielded me from most of the rain fall but his curls were dripping onto my face he was angry with me. All of the boys were. 
"Harry that's enough lets get him home and dried off before Johanna gets home" Liam said Harry glared at me but then got off of me and pulled me up with the help of Niall. 
They got me into Niall's range rover as he drove us towards my flat. 
I realized how stupid that was. My head was rested on Liam's lap as he checked my forehead Zayn sat up front with Niall and Harry sat his head rested on his hand elbow propped on the arm rest as he looked out the window 
"Louis your gunna be sick' Liam said 
"No I won't be I'll go home and drink a tea and take a Tylenol and be fine." I said 


When we got to my flat Liam helped me in although I didn't need any help the girls were excused from the room as the boys brought me into the living room 
"Niall get Louis some PJs, Zayn get him that tea and the Tylenol I'll check on the girls Harry stay here and make sure he doesn't leave" Liam instructed. They all slit up Harry staying
"Harry I'm sorry I did that to you" I whispered 
"Why would you do it though Louis? Are we not enough?" Harry asked a tear falling from each eye as he blinked 
"Your more than enough, it's just Ellie broke my heart and just got into a car with another guy. I can't do this anymore Harry" I said he stood up and sat down next to me his orange rain coat still pulled over his torso. 
"Then we'll leave we've done it before" he said 
"But it's not something I can just run away from" (That lines from Twilight sorry I thought it was good to put that in :)) I said looking at him 
"Well it's not something you can stay for either. Is breaking you Louis, sooner or later there's gunna be nothing left." Harry said I looked him over I trusted Harry I really did but was it right to leave? 
"Think about you Louis, not about anyone else. Think about whats best for you" Harry said looking into my eyes. 
I nodded 
"When do we leave then?" I asked 
"As soon as next week." Harry answered I nodded but looked down 
"Your doing the right thing Louis." Harry said getting up. 
Avery Harry left I started to cry. But he was right. I was doing the right thing. 

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