Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


9. Don't Worry I Washed It

-Louis' POV-

"The team needs you" Harry says as Anne puts tea on the table
"Thank you" I thank her she nods
"Does Coach even allow late entries?" I ask
"No" Harry says
"But he will for you" he nods
"I don't now Haz" I said
"Louis the team needs you" he says again
"They have Captain Styles they don't need Captain Tomlinson" I said
"Yes they do I'm not even close to being as good of a captain as you are" Harry says
"I'll think about it" I said sipping my tea
"No your making a decision today in this house at this table" Harry says pointing to the table at every word I chuckle
"Why do you guys want me on the team so bad?" I asked
"Because your the best player we've ever had." Harry admits
I smile
"I guess I can play with you guys next practice and see if I still got it." I said
"Awesome thanks Louis!" Harry says Anne hands out the turkey sandwiches Harry had the gravy and I saw a joke opportunity
"Hey Harry give me some of your gravy" I said Anne laughed so did I but Harry put his hands on his face but laughed a little.
Once I finished my sandwich I got a text I opened it
Ellie: Hey sorry my Aunt came to visit so you can't come over it's not Aunt Josephine it's Aunt Cheryl but tomorrow maybe ok? xx
Louis: ok meet me at the soccer field tomorrow the boys have a practice and I'm going to play with them xx
Ellie: awesome! Ok see you then xo
I locked my phone
"Hey Hazza why don't we go to the field now?" I asked
"I thought you had plans with Ellie?" He asked
"Her Aunt came over so she has to cancel" I said
"Alright lets get some shorts and stuff" Harry said Anne smiled at us as we walked out of the kitchen we walked up to his room he found one of the pairs of shorts I forgot here and one of my shirts I out them on and he changed too we grabbed his ball and his shoes fit my so I borrowed a pair of his football shoes we went in his car and drove to the school we turned on the field lights and stepped onto it Harry played as goalie as a challenge I had to go from the other end running with the ball and shoot when I got close to him I started keeping the ball by my feet and I got close to Harry I kicked it and waited as it flew past Harry's fingers and went into the net me and Harry cheered and started to just kick it around the field oh how I've missed this it was getting late. Harry pulled out his phone
"It's Lenox" he said he answered
"Yeah yeah come down ok see ya" he hung up
"The teams coming" he said the team arrived and we started to just pass the ball back and fourth between our teams that we made.
I've missed playing football with the team so much.
"So Louis are you back on the team?" Shane asks
"Yeah are you?" Alex asks
I look them all over
"Tomlinson Number 17" I said sticking my fist in the center of all of us remembering our old cheer type thing where we would say our last name then number number and put our fist in the middle
"Styles Number 16" Harry says
"Stevenson Number 12" Lenox says
"Nelson Number 10" Keithy said
"Evens Number 18" Drake says
"Brooks Number 19" Alex says smiling and putting his fist in
"David Number 11" Leeroy said smiling at me
"Adams Number 20" Shane says looking us all over
"Payne Number 15" Liam says
"Horan Number 14" Niall grins
"Malik Number 13" Zayn finishes it off
"Captain Tomlinson" Lenox says smiling
"No Harry's captain" I said that's when Harry Harry goes into his shorts pocket and pulls out the sweat band and put it in my hand
"Don't worry I washed it" he said I chuckled
"Thanks guys" I said
"Good to have you back Louis" they say
"Good to be back" I said
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