Summer time bound<3


2. Leaving day(:

*Alison's P.O.V * *Would he say he's in L-O-V-E, well if it was me then I would* My alarm went off, it was the day I leave to go to Zayn and the boys house. God im so happy and nervous at the same time! *beep beep*


Me- Gosh, iknow!(:

BubBA - see you in a couple hours.(:

Me - okaay!(:

*Zayns P.O.V* Having Ali come is so exciting.(: imiss her to death! "When's she coming Mate?" Niall asked, "She'll be here at 8:00 tonight" i replyed. "I can't wait to meet her!" Liam said, "You guys will like her(:" i told them. "Is she hot?" Harry asked, "Harry, don't ask me that.." i said laughing.

*Alison's P.O.V* I was almost there, the nervousness grew more i felt like screaming. Would they like me? Would they hate me? Gosh, i hate wondering about that. I'm here . At there house, Zayn, Liam, and Harry were all outside waiting on me.. I got out of the car. I ran and hugged Zayn, "Gosh, i missed you Zayn" i said. "I missed you too <3" he said, "Ello,im Liam." liam said smiling. "I'm Alison. but you can call me Ali(: " i replied, "I'm Harry, your really pretty .(:" Harry told me. "And your a flirt.(: " i said laughing a bit. Then "He" walked out, it was Biall. "Aye, love . I'm N- " "Your Niall, i know." I said interupted him, he smiled. GOD , i love his smile.

*NIALLS P.O V* She was gorgeous.. her brown eyes, her smile, her perfect brown hair. Alison, think about her gives me butterflies. The rest of the boys went out, i stayed home to keep Alison company. *splash* "SHIT." I herd Alison say , its funny such a dirty word out of such a pretty girls mouth. I go to the bathroom door and say "Everything Alright in there? " .  " Yes, everything except that i left all my stuff in Zayn's car .'' She called back. "You can borrow something of mine love." I told her. "Alright. I'll be out in a minute !" She said. She walked out in just a towel, God she looked beautiful.. " Looking at something? " She said, " Perfection ." I said back. She walked over to me as i got my FREE HUGS tee shirt out of the closet, "Here lovely, will this work?" I asked "Yes, It will work." She said back, Just the way she talked made me happy.. 


"Want to watch a movie ?" Niall asked me. "Sure, what one?" I smiled and said.. "Whatever one you'd like.(:" He replied. I went over to the movie rack and picked one out, THE NOTEBOOK. The best movie  of all time, We were for'sure watching it. We plugged it in and we were on his bed, He looked at me.. I couldn't help but to stare back, what was going through his mind? Suddenly his eyes met mine and he leaned in and kissed me! "That was amazing" I said to him. "I know" He said smiling, ALL I COULD DO IS SMILE. like no joke! It was that Firework kind of kiss, There was spark. I could tell.

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