Summer time bound<3


3. Could i be falling head over heals for you.?


I woke up, and I was in Niall's arms. God, i loved that feeling, Could i be falling for him? It's only been two days but i feel like were connected. I wish he'd understand how i felt about him. I feel like i love him, But im scared. Not of Niall, but the fact of loving someone, letting them in, and getting my heart broken. It's happend before... 


* NIALL'S P.O.V. * 

That kiss.. There no way to explain it but just WOW. She was amazing from her head to her feet, her laugh was so cute.! & The way she looked at me with those eyes. She was lovely.  " Goodmorning love" I said to her, "Good morning Niall." She Replied with a smile. " How was your sleep?" I asked her. " It was good.(:" She said smiling again. I think i might actually love this girl. But after two days.? I wish she'd understand how i felt about her.


" I wonder who it'd be." I said. Alison followed me down stairs. It was Cops. Why would they be here.? I could see Alison was kind of nervous so i open'ed the door.. "Niall Horan?" The asked "That's me sir' " I said. "Alison Malik ?" they said.. "T-that's me officer" She told them. "Zayn Malik, & Harry Styles are in jail. " They told us. "WHY ." Alison shouted. "They were a little to drunk last night out in public." they said. "What about Louis and Liam?" I asked them.. "There fine.. We didn't take them in." They replied. "We just needed to inform you, the'll be out by 3:00 pm. tomorrow" They said.. "Thank god." Alison said. 


HOW DARE HE SCARE ME LIKE THAT. UGH. JUST WAIT TILL HE GETS HOME HE'S GUNNA GET IT. Don't do this Ali i thought to myself. I don't need to stress myself out. I needed to calm down. The one thing that calms me down is FOOD. "Want something to eat? " Niall asked. "SURE. i love food!" I replied.

We went into the kitchen Niall made us Pancakes and eggs for breakfest (: He's too sweet. "Thanks (:" I said "your welcome.(:" He replied . He should be a chef.(: He's a good cook! 

As we were in the kitchen the front door opened. IT WAS LOUIS AND LIAM. Thank god there okay, "Hello guys!" Liam said "What's cookin?" Louis said. "DONT MIND HELLOS AND SHIT. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS.?!?" Niall said.

"We stayed at Emma's " Liam said. Who was Emma? I thought to myself . Was she prettier than me? 

"Ali, If your wondering who Emma is, It's Liam's crush.(:" Lou said. 

"Oooooooh(;" I said. I saw Liam blushing, He must really like her.(: 




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