Summer time bound<3


1. The month before summer

Hi, I'm Alison Malik i'm 16. My parent's are divorsed, i live with my mom in LA . I have one brother, Zayn Malik. We were always there for each other untill he went on the X Factor abd joined a band named "One Direction" .. I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE ONE DIRECTION LIKE CRAZY, but i miss
my broter.!:/ Atleast i'm visiting him this summer!(: I can't wait to meet the boys!!!!(: I've alwayshad the biggest crush on Niall James Horan. He's perfect, im soo nervious !

*BEEP BEEP* It was my phone, it was a text from Zayn.

Bubba - Hey , Ali . Are you excited to come to my house for the whole summer.!

Me- Totally, I can't waaaiiit. !

Bubba- I miss yoou!

Me- miiss you too.<3^__^

Bubba- the boys are excited to meet you.(:!!

Me - I'm excited to meet them too(:
Well , i gotta finish packing.(: love you !

bubba- love you too !

"God , i can't wait." I thought to myself..

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