Are You The One?

This story unfolds about a girl name Mackenzie that moves to a private school. She met these 5 unbelievably cute guys that were called One Direction. The leader of the group, Harry Styles, was the meanest of them all and would "bully" Mackenzie. She soon get to know these boys and gets close to one of them. When she first met them, Niall was the one who caught her eyes first. As the story continues, she soon realizes "Is he really the one?"...


20. It's Official

Mackenzie's POV:

   Wow. I feel...good? I mean yeah I'm torn up by what happened with Niall but yet it made me realize Harry is the guy for me. He shall be my prince charming and I'll never let him go. I smiled at the thought. I was dressed and ready to go. El helped me pick out the perfect outfit, ripped blue jeans with a white button down shirt and a black bow tie with black toms and a black varsity jacket. I know, a lot of black. We tried to combine all the boys looks into one outfit. I took one one last good look in the mirror and headed downstairs. The boys had just gotten here, except for Niall. I hope he's okay. I can't believe he would miss this, it was his idea in the first place! I tried to push down my anger towards him. The boys looked at me, excitement in their eyes and shouted "ARE YOU READYYY??" "Yeeesssss!" I sang back. They all laughed "Not bad carrot buddy" Louis said with a smirk. Then he turned and said "I have an announcement everyone" "What's that babe?" El said with a giggle. Louis was trying hard to be serious, it wasn't working. We all bursted out laughing. "I'm serious!" Louis shouted, Liam got up to help him calm us down "Okay guys calm down" he said as he stifled a laugh. "I wanna give Mackenzie something and so does Louis" "And so do I!" Harry said happily and he kissed my forehead. "Me first" Louis bursted out. I wonder what they wanna give me, it was sweet of them to do all this. "Awwhh guys you shouldn't have gotten me anything" I said. "Just come here" Louis said, I got up to go stand by Louis when Harry pulled me back and kissed me.  "Ewwww" everyone moaned. I stood up next to Louis blushing. He pinned a carrot on my varsity jacket and then Liam pinned a little Woody right under it. I didn't know what to say, this was so sweet. "Thanks you guys" I whispered then gave them a huge hug. "Now my turn love" Harry said and walked up towards me "Close your eyes" I felt something cool around my neck and something soft. What could it be. I opened my eyes and looked down. I gasped, Harry had gotten me a beautiful diamond necklace that had an H pendent hanging in the middle. He also had gotten me a green scarf, I wasn't sure why. "It's the scarf I wore when I auditioned for the X-Factor" he said slowly. I looked up and hugged him tightly. When I pulled back he kept his hands on my waist and he said "I never got the chance to officially ask you out so...Will you go out with me?" "Of course" I replied. Tears swelled up in my eyes. Was so happy I had almost completely forgot about Niall. Harry is the one for me. "Awwwwhhh" everyone said in unison. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. And then....Niall walked in. The room got really silent and everyone kept looking back from me to Niall to Harry and back. He then said "Are we going now?" "Yeah" I said grimly. "Mom! Come down we're about to leave." "I'm coming honey" she replied. Everyone started heading outside while me and Harry waited for my mom. As Zayn walked out, I pulled him back and said "I'm happy for you two, just don't let her claw my face again, okay?" He laughed "Will do Miss.Cool" I walked back to Harry and he looked at me questioningly. "I'll tell you later" I said and smiled. He smiled back. He was so perfect, I was about to lean in and kiss him when my mom came down. "Mhmm" she cleared her throat and said "I'll have to go a little bit later. Your fathers car broke down and I need to go pick him up, but don't worry I'll be there in time to see you." "Okay mom I love you, bye." We walked out and got in the car.

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