Are You The One?

This story unfolds about a girl name Mackenzie that moves to a private school. She met these 5 unbelievably cute guys that were called One Direction. The leader of the group, Harry Styles, was the meanest of them all and would "bully" Mackenzie. She soon get to know these boys and gets close to one of them. When she first met them, Niall was the one who caught her eyes first. As the story continues, she soon realizes "Is he really the one?"...


5. I Meet One Direction

Mackenzie's POV:

    My instincts were right. The biggest boy band in the world was sitting in my first period. Niall must have seen me staring at them because he said "Oh, I forgot to introduce you to the rest of the boys." We walked over to where they were sitting and Niall said "Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn. This is Mackenzie. She is the new girl." "Hi babe" Harry said. His green eyes were spell binding. "Hey love! Welcome to PCA. You're going to enjoy it here" Liam exclaimed. He was so kind. Just like he was portrayed. "HIIIII!!!" Louis said in a elated tone. I could already tell he was funny and childish just like the tabloids said. "VAS HAPPENIN?" Zayn shouted. I have been dying to hear him say that phrase ever since the 'Vas happenin' song came out of the X-Factor. I couldn't even find the words to say. I finally stuttered out "Uhh..Hi. I'm a huge fan". 

   The bell rang, jolting me back into reality. I spent the whole period daydreaming about the five charming guys sitting across from me. I got up and waited for Niall. "Its lunch time!" he said with a sparkle in his eyes. "I LOVE to eat!"he exclaimed. "You could sit in our lunch table if you want" Liam said kindly. Harry gave me a dirty look after Liam said that. Then Niall turned around and said "Come on guys! I want to eat already! I'm starving!" "You're always hungry! I saw you eyeing your textbook. Good thing its not edible." Louis said jokingly. We basically ran to the lunch room just so Niall would stop complaining. After we got to the cafeteria, I saw that all the lunch tables were full. I turned around to ask Niall where he sat because I wasn't hungry but when I turned around, I saw that he and the boys weren't there. I guess they went off to get food. Two girls shouted over me and asked me if I wanted to sit with them. I ran over to them and sat down where they were sitting. They started to introduce themselves. "Hi! I'm Eleanor and this is Danielle! It's really nice to meet you! Are you new to the school?" I instantly recognize who they were. They were Louis' and Liam's girlfriend. They are so pretty and seems like they were one of the popular people. I don't know why they're talking to me. "Hi! I'm Mackenzie. And yeah, I'm new to the school." I told them. "Oh. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mackenzie! Tell me about yourself." Danielle asked. "Well there isn't really much to tell. I'm 18 years old, I'm from New York, and I'm the only child." I answered. "Hey! You're the same age as us!" Eleanor exclaimed. Her british accent is to die for! Louis came from behind and wrapped his arms around her and said "Hi love!". Simultaneously, Liam came from behind and greeted "Hey guys! Seems like you have met Mackenzie?" "Yeah, she's such a nice girl. Don't you think we should hang out after school, Mackenzie?" Eleanor asked. "Uh.. yeah! That sounds nice" I replied. 

Niall's POV:

    After the last bell rang, our bus took me to my neighborhood. When the bus dropped me off, me and Mackenzie started talking. "So how was your first day at PCA?" I asked. "It was really great! Danielle and Eleanor are so nice, the teachers are nice, the food is AMAZAYN, and well..I have all my classes with you." she said. I noticed she was blushing. Is this a good sign? "Well I'm glad you're enjoying your first day of PCA." I said happily. "I heard you're going to the mall with Eleanor and Danielle. Hope you have fun. Also, I'm having a party tonight at 6 p.m. Come, please?" I pouted. "I would love to come to your party and thanks for giving me a tour around the school" she exclaimed. "No problem! See you later!" I said. When we got to her house, she gave me a big hug. Her perfume was so sweet and her hair smelled so nice. I wanted this hug to last forever but she let go and said goodbye to me.

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