Are You The One?

This story unfolds about a girl name Mackenzie that moves to a private school. She met these 5 unbelievably cute guys that were called One Direction. The leader of the group, Harry Styles, was the meanest of them all and would "bully" Mackenzie. She soon get to know these boys and gets close to one of them. When she first met them, Niall was the one who caught her eyes first. As the story continues, she soon realizes "Is he really the one?"...


17. Happy? Mad? Or Sad?

Mackenzie's POV:

*1 week later

   I woke up feeling invincible. I was determined to do something today...audition for the X-Factor. Today was my day to shine. This week had been one of the best, I got to stay at PCA, my relationship with Niall had gotten so much stronger but so did my relationship with Harry... But on top of that I had spent all week rehearsing with the boys for my X-Factor audition. We decided I'll be singing Torn, the first song the boys ever did together as a band. It felt right singing that song.

   I ripped the sheets off my body I had been laying in bed thinking much too long, I have an audition to get to. I skipped to the bathroom happily and took a quick hot shower. Once I got out, I stared at my closet what was I supposed to wear? I texted El. To:El(: - Fashion help! 911. In less than a second El replied saying "On my way!" I smiled at the text and sat down criss cross on my bed. I heard a knock on my window. Was it Niall or was it Harry? I turned to look and saw the too cool for school face of Bradford bad boy Zayn Malik. Huh? I ran to the window thinking this might be an emergency. Why would Zayn be here? I lifted the window and said "Hey Zayn, what's wrong?" His face looked concern but at ease. He replied "Can I come in?" I nodded my head and stepped aside so he could come in. He turned to look at me and said "I have to tell you something that I'm pretty sure you won't like just don't hate me,okay?" His voice seemed full of concern but a tad bit excited. I looked at him with a puzzled look and said "I could never hate you, now Vas Happenin'?" He chuckled and then said "Alright Miss.Cool girl" That was his nickname for me. He looked me in the eyes then turned his back towards me and stuttered out something so absurd, I couldn't believe it. Was I supposed to feel happy? Mad? Sad? The words he spoke were "I..I..I'm going out with..Perrie" At that very second, someone burst through the door and there was another knock on the window. I looked at the door to see El shocked but happy. Then I turned to the window and saw Harry just as puzzled as El was. What was going? Zayn opened the window for Harry, who held something behind his back. I was still in shock. Zayn looked at me and said "I better get going, I'll see you later" He avoided eye contact with me I mumbled "Yeah okay.." Harry then came towards me and said "Uh hey, I wanted to talk to you.." his voice trailed off. "In private?" He looked at El. She didn't even notice what was happening she had already been looking through my closet. "What?" she asked seeing everyone was staring at her. "Can you uh... please leave for a second I need to talk to Mackenzie.." "Uh sure.." she said with a wary look in her eyes then she leaned close to me and whispered "I won't tell Niall" I looked up at her and nodded. What was Harry going to say to me? I was still in shock over the whole Zayn and Perrie thing. I looked into his eyes, he walked closer to me and whispered the words I will never forget...

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