Are You The One?

This story unfolds about a girl name Mackenzie that moves to a private school. She met these 5 unbelievably cute guys that were called One Direction. The leader of the group, Harry Styles, was the meanest of them all and would "bully" Mackenzie. She soon get to know these boys and gets close to one of them. When she first met them, Niall was the one who caught her eyes first. As the story continues, she soon realizes "Is he really the one?"...


26. Emotions

Mackenzie's POV:

    When we got to the hospital I was terrified of what I might see inside. I've always been scared of hospitals and it hasn't gotten any better. How was Niall going to look like? Would I even recognize him? What if he never woke up? Stop thinking like that Mackenzie. We asked the lady at the front desk where Niall's room was. After many minutes of typing on her computer she finally told us he was in room 1D-232677. We walked around the hospital till we found the room. Harry and me stood in front of the hospital room door for several minutes. Neither of us wanted to open the door. I wish this was just a dream and that any second Niall would show up and try to apologize. I looked up at Harry, a thousand thoughts and a million fears racing through my mind. I didn't want to walk in that room and suddenly forget everything that had happened between me and Harry. I whispered "I love you." He leaned down and kissed me softly but firmly then whispered "I love you too." My body filled with an unexpected determination. If Niall was going to wake Niall wakes up I'll be the first one he sees, I'll be the one to wake him up. I have no doubt about it. With that thought in my mind I turned the door handle and opened the door what I saw inside broke my heart.

Niall's POV:

   My mind was blank, I was paralyzed but I could hear everything that was going on. Where was I? What happened? I heard the doctor say I was in a coma. I heard the door handle turn and open. Who could that be? I tried to call for help. I wanted to open my eyes. I heard a familiar gasp and then she bursted out crying. It was Mackenzie. I wanted to call out to her, tell her I'm sorry for everything and that I wanted to be her best friend again. I heard footsteps behind her, probably Harry. Anger rushed through my body. My finger twitched, I tried to move again but no luck. "He moved!" I heard Mackenzie shout in desperation. Yes! Help me! She ran her hand through my hair. I felt a tear drop fall on my face. Don't cry I wanted to tell her...I love you. I didn't want her to be hurt because of me. "I'm going to wait outside for the rest of the boys, are you going to be okay in here by yourself? Harry said to Mackenzie. I wanted him to leave, I wanted to hear what she had to say to me. "I'll be fine" she said in a low voice. So much emotion ran through her voice. "Okay.." Harry said and left the room. We were alone.

Mackenzie's POV:

  Niall looked so broken. He looked sad and depressed. I couldn't handle seeing him like that, I bursted out crying. Harry wrapped his arms around me. I was looking at Niall when suddenly his fingers twitched. "He moved!" I shouted out. I could tell Harry didn't see it because he looked at me like I was crazy. I shook my head in desperation. A new hope ran through my body. I can do this, I thought. Harry said he would go wait outside for the rest of the boys. I told him "Okay" in a low voice to make it sound like I was hurt but inside I was excited. There was a huge possibly he would wake up now.

  After Harry left I moved closer to Niall. I didn't know what to say. "Niall...oh Niall what did you do to yourself?" I wanted to pour my heart out to him but I knew Harry would be back soon. But I couldn't hold it back. "Niall...I miss you, please just wake up. Be my best friend again, I'm so sorry...for everything. I'm sorry I made you cry, I'm sorry I made you mad. Things just happened so quickly. I know it doesn't seem this way to you but you were never there for me. Harry checked up on me all the time. Every time I heard a knock on the window I wished it was you. I'm not saying I don't love you anymore, Niall. I just don't love you like I love Harry. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know this is hard to process, I hope you can hear me. I remember the first time I saw you I instantly fell in a trance. It was love at first sight. Then you showed me around, you made me laugh and you took me in. I remember how you always used to make me laugh. But then I saw you with Perrie and my whole world was torn apart. I didn't know what to do, I just wanted to cry and cry. I remember our first kiss and when I told you I loved you. Everything seemed so perfect. I don't know what else to say to you. The boys will walk any second now so...I should probably stop. Just know I'm going to be here every single day till you wake up, cause you are going to wake up. I love you Niall" I barely finished my sentence when the boys bursted through the door. I stepped back as they circled him. Zayn was the first one to cry then Louis and Liam then finally Harry broke down. They all stayed there for hours crying. I got them food and we all sat down in the room in silence. 

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