Are You The One?

This story unfolds about a girl name Mackenzie that moves to a private school. She met these 5 unbelievably cute guys that were called One Direction. The leader of the group, Harry Styles, was the meanest of them all and would "bully" Mackenzie. She soon get to know these boys and gets close to one of them. When she first met them, Niall was the one who caught her eyes first. As the story continues, she soon realizes "Is he really the one?"...


4. A Tour of the School

 Niall's POV:

      I've never seen someone so beautiful ever in my life. I was so lost in her eyes that I didn't even notice that she was trying to talk to me. "What?" I said in alarment . She repeat it over again "Is it ok if you could give me a tour around PCA?" "Of course sweetheart". 

Mackenzie's POV:

      As we were walking up the stairs at the east corridor, I bumped into a tall, tan, red-headed girl who was wearing the most shortest skirt ever and a blazer two sizes too small. Behind her were 3 other girls. "Sorry" I mumbled, knowing instantly that she'll become my rival. Its obvious that she was the leader of the group since the rest trailed behind her, avoiding eye contact. "You better be" she snapped back and knocked my textbook down that I had just picked up from the office and stomped off. Her three minions walked off behind her, the last one with her purple hair picked up my textbook and said "Sorry. Im Perrie." Before I could reply, she hurried off, making sure that her "leader" didn't spy her helping me. "That's Jade. The meanest but the most popular girl in school." Niall explained. "Who's Perrie? And why did she help me?" I asked. "Perrie is the sweetest, most prettiest girl in the whole campus. She's not like the other girls in the group" he said dreamily. I noticed that he blushed when he said her name. "Oh.." I mumbled, losing hope in this new love. She's obviously a lot prettier than me and she seems like a nice girl. There's no hope in me chasing Niall anymore. 

Jade's POV:

     "Can you believe that tramp bumped into ME?" I exclaimed. Ugh, I can't believe that she bumped into me. She could have ruined my hair! "Calm down Jade. It was an accident." Perrie said trying to cool me down. "I don't care! That THING bumped into ME!" I screamed "It was just an ACCIDENT. Calm down Jade!" she screamed back "EXCUSE ME? Well if you want to hang out with that tramp and leave the group, be my guest." Perrie stayed quiet because I knew that singing meant everything to her. That was her one weak spot.

Perrie's POV:

     I tried my hardest not to say anything back to Jade because singing was the only thing I truly cared about and...Niall. The first time I saw him, I had a huge crush on him. His beautiful blue eyes and his thick Irish accent put me in a trance. I cant believe just a few moments ago, I came so close to him but it seems that he barely noticed me..

Niall's POV:

      I can't believe that Perrie had come so close and that I didn't even talk to her. She probably thinks that I looked like a fool...a fool that was in love with her. Just moments ago, I realized that I had fallen for Mackenzie too. Now I'm torn between the two of them, a hole in the middle of my heart like a polo. And it's no joke to me...

Mackenzie's POV:

     I tried to shake the memory of the way Niall talked about Perrie, the way he blushed when he said her name, and the too perfect Barbie doll face of Jade. I walked into first period and saw from behind, what I thought was...One Direction. 


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