Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

Harry and The rest of the boys of One Direction , are on tour in America.As the boys have there concerts in New York City , Harry Goes out for a day shopping.While a 18 yr old college student in NYC , Stephanie is out for lunch during school. They both dont know what hit them when they first laid eyes on eachother , at a old coffee shop.But they know it will turn into something magically special....


2. The Coffee Shop

(Stephanies POV)

   As I rushed to get into the college building , there was another crowd, "Are You Kidding me ??'' I yelled as I made my way around the crowd of girls. I accidentally bumpted into this Tall boy with bright green eyes and a full head of curls.He was wearing a tight leather jacket with jeans and a tank, I noticed his cute chains over laying his tattoos on his collar bones. ''Im sorry Love '' he turned to me. But I had no time to chit-chat I was Late for class.

  After algebra and environmental science, I decided to take a stroll at a old coffee shop at the corner of the block. It was like a old 60's style theme with  moving chairs at the counters ,and mini tables with booths.As I walked in with my fitted coat holding my bang the door made a bell sound.I could smell the fresh coco beans and the sound of crushing  in the background.As always I would just order a small cup of coffee and a biscuit.

(Harrys POV)

      I walked around the big city , with bright cabs and cars beeping eachother.I shopped at different stores buying some clothes to wear as me and the lads spend time in the city. After I was shopping for a couple of hours , I went to take a little break and stop to get a cup of coffee at this Coffee Shop. When  I entered I noticed the same girl with the dark hair and eyes wearing a jacket  facing the back wall. I didnt want to seem like desperate and go over to tell her again I was sorry. 

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