Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

Harry and The rest of the boys of One Direction , are on tour in America.As the boys have there concerts in New York City , Harry Goes out for a day shopping.While a 18 yr old college student in NYC , Stephanie is out for lunch during school. They both dont know what hit them when they first laid eyes on eachother , at a old coffee shop.But they know it will turn into something magically special....


3. Meeting Eachother

(Stephanies POV)

      I was sipping my coffee, and on the corner of my eye the same boy with the curls and the bright green eyes walked in flipping his curls to the side.I didnt pay too much attention because I knew I saw him somewhere.''Im sorry again for bumping into you before'' He said walking over to me with his drink in his hand and bags in another.''Oh its okay , I didnt really notice I was trying to get to class before I was late'' , ''Im Harry , and you are?'' Shit ! thats how I known him from, hes from that band. ''Stephanie'' I said blushing standing up to shake his hand.He made his way over to sit right across from me. We chatted for a hour or two , about his famous life , and my stupid boring life.He seemed like a gentleman , for now but you can tell hes all  real smooth around with the ladies. 

    After we finished our coffee, he offered to drive me back to class. We exchanged numbers ,and he asked to go out for dinner later tonight to La Italiano, around the block from my apartment building.To be honest I can picture me liking him, Oh my god ! Stephanie SNAP OUT OF IT! I thought to myself. Hes too famous for me , besides he can date any girl he wants. Why would he like me ? ha stupid me .''Stephanie You Awake?'' Mr.Hollow asked me , as I was day dreaming in class.''Huhh" I said as I moved my hand off my face.


(Harrys POV)

        I exchanged numbers with Stephanie , and im now taking out to dinner later tonight.Its nice to meet new people , especially in New York. Besides shes gorgeous and seems like a nice girl. I took a cab back to the Hotel to meet up with the lads.''Hey Hazz!'' Louis said across our room , he ran over to give me a big bear hug.Liam was next to him doing another twitcam with fans,and  Niall was out with Zayn and Paul getting food. I went to take a hot  shower , and get ready for our ''date '' or dinner with Stephanie. I really was kind of nervous. ''Harry got a date! Harry got a date!'' Louis shouted from out of the bathroom door. I got dressed , and fixed my hair. I threw on a old pair of leather shoes and left to meet up with Steph at her apartment.   

 I decided to stop at a stand with flowers, and picked up a small bundle of roses and tulips to give to her, its the least I can do. I went to Stephs apartment building and I knocked on her door.She opened the door, and all I could say is she took my breathe away....

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