Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

Harry and The rest of the boys of One Direction , are on tour in America.As the boys have there concerts in New York City , Harry Goes out for a day shopping.While a 18 yr old college student in NYC , Stephanie is out for lunch during school. They both dont know what hit them when they first laid eyes on eachother , at a old coffee shop.But they know it will turn into something magically special....


1. getting ready

( Stephanies POV)

             I woke up early morning with a horrible headache. I was getting ready for my first day of college.

The hot September sun beating down on my apartment, I really wasnt looking foward to all of this.As I got ready to head of out my apartment building there were screaming girls circling the front entrance.  I slid my way moving in a zig zags trying to get away from the crowd.


(Harrys POV)

Me and the boys , left the car and headed into a apartment building to hide from all the fans that were looking for us. But somehow they know everywhere we go.''wanna go get some food '' Niall whispering at us , as we were all hiding in the mans room.We finally got to leave to head to the Hotel and unpack our stuff since were staying in New York for Madison Square Garden next weekend.I grabbed my bags and threw them into me and Louis's hotel room. After all of us boys split up for the day . Louis went out with Eleanor to go see a play , Liam was with Danielle , Niall went to get food as always ,and Zayn went to go to the airport to pick up Perrie. I decided to take some time and go alittle shopping for new shirts and jeans.I really tried to make my way of not getting mobbed by tons of fans, but it always happens, not that I care its just a man needs some space.

      As I took pictures with crying and screaming fans , this tall girl with dark hair and dark beautiful eyes shoved into me as she looked like she was hurrying to get to somewhere.''Oh im sorry Love'' I said as I held up my hand to pat her for bumping into her, but she didnt reply.

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