Love on the Run

Kendall was just a normal teenager going to a concert with her best friend. But when danger strikes and an unknown criminal arrives and starts shooting up the area, Kendall finds herself completely alone. Luckily, two brave boys are there to help her out, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from One Direction. Kendall wasn't much of a fan, but the trio starts to bond while running from a killer. When both band members start to develop feelings for her along the way, Kendall finds herself trying to make the hardest decision of her life.


2. The Plan

"Who are you guys?" 

The boy named Harry looked to the other boy. "Zayn, she really doesn't know who we are."

At this point I was done with laying on the ground so I started to stand up. After halfway through this attempt, Zayn and Harry seemed to realize that they should help me up because they both quickly grabbed each of my arms. 

I stared at the two of them for a second. What the heck is going on? 

I quickly came back to earth. My head was in a lot of pain... I put my hand to the side of my head and felt a wetness... 

When I took my hand off, I saw that I had blood on it.

"Woah, you're bleeding... uh... Sorry what did you say your name was?" Zayn asked me.

"I didn't..." I replied. "I'm Kendall."

"Well Kendall we need to get your head looked at! It looks serious," He said.

I gave them a puzzled look. Then I remembered Maya.

"No what I need to do is find Maya!" I said, a little big aggravated. I turned around and started walking in the other direction with my hand still planted on my throbbing head. 

I could hear footsteps behind me so I figured that they were following me. 

"Who's Maya?" I heard Harry say.

I sighed. "My best friend... I came here with her. She was my ride." 

"Well there aren't any cars left in the parking lot, and I haven't seen anyone around here for a while now," Zayn said. 

I started to panic. "Thats impossible... she wouldn't just leave me!" I started at a slight jog. When I reached the edge of the parking lot, I saw that Zayn was right. 


I turned around and saw that they had followed me all the way there. "Listen you guys seem really nice, but what I really need to do is--- " 

For the first time, I noticed what they really looked like. Tall, a bit muscular, and really attractive. They were so different... so perfect... so familiar. 

"Wait a minute." I said to them. "I think I know you. Do you guys go to school around here?"

Zayn and Harry looked at each other and laughed. 

British accents... of course they don't go to school here. I bet they don't even live around here. Suddenly I thought of that CD I looked at in the car... then it hit me. 

"Hang on! You're those boys from One Direction! Aren't you!?" 

"We'd be happy to give you an autograph," Harry said giggling.

Geez, what jerks. 

"I don't want an autograph," I said hastily. "I wanna go home." 

"Look around love, there aren't many options for ways you can get home," Zayn said. 

"Why are you still here? Why don't you go home?" I asked a bit annoyed.

"We would, but our bikes got stolen. So we're stranded here too," Harry said, now looking around the area.

Great. So I'm stranded here in this random place with some dead bodies, a killer on the lose, and a couple of british boy band members. I suddenly realized how cold I was. I started rubbing my arms.

"Oh are you cold?" Harry asked me.

"A little bit." I replied. I should've listened to Maya. 

Harry started to take off his jacket when Zayn stopped him.

"No Harry it's alright, Kendall can take mine." 

Harry gave him an odd look, and Zayn took off his jacket and gave it to me. I felt a little odd putting it on... especially since Harry seemed a little bit annoyed that I didn't take his.

"Thank you," I said to both of them. The jacket was so warm... and I could smell Zayn's cologne. I probably looked weird sniffing it like I was, but what can I say. That was the first time that a boy had ever given me his clothes. 

There was kind of an awkward silence. Then I felt the pain in my head again. 

"Aah..." I said, putting my hand back on the wound. 

"I don't even know how this happened, I must've gotten kicked in the head or something..." 

"Don't worry," Harry said to me. "We can get you fixed up. Lets go down to the shops to look for some supplies." 

I then realized that we were still standing there looking out into the parking lot. We might as well get a move on and start figuring out a way to get out of this place... 

Suddenly a loud sound in the distance made the three of us jump.


Zayn and Harry looked at me with horror. 

Oh no... he's still here. 

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