Love on the Run

Kendall was just a normal teenager going to a concert with her best friend. But when danger strikes and an unknown criminal arrives and starts shooting up the area, Kendall finds herself completely alone. Luckily, two brave boys are there to help her out, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from One Direction. Kendall wasn't much of a fan, but the trio starts to bond while running from a killer. When both band members start to develop feelings for her along the way, Kendall finds herself trying to make the hardest decision of her life.


8. The Long Awaited Rescue


"McAllister! Come in here!"


"McAllister, come in here PLEASE." 


I haven't even moved from the same position I was in yesterday. Except I had managed to feel even worse than I did before. I still didn't wanna move. 

I was drunk on my own misery to the point where I was willing to beg McAllister to come and end it. And thats what I did. I wanted him to just get it over with. If it's gonna happen anyway, why not now. 

"Just kill me." I whispered. I knew he couldn't hear me. I knew he wasn't coming. 

He wasn't gonna come until morning. 

When I realized that, I decided to get up. I managed to push myself into a sitting postition. I automatically felt the pain in my lower region... of course. I was expecting that.

All it did was make me wanna lay back down and go to sleep... forever.

But then I thought of Zayn and Harry.

I miss them so much now. I would do anything to have them come in here and hold me forever. Just feel the warmth of one of their bodies... I would do absolutely anything. 

But that does NOT include sleep with McAllister. 

Pretty soon, they are gonna find me. They're gonna kill the bastard, and set me free.

It'll happen. I'm sure of it. 

But then I thought of something more interesting... my clothes are gone. So when they find me... I'll be in my underwear? I couldn't tell if that was a good thing or not.

I don't even know why I care. It's not like either of them like me anyway. 

Even if they did, I can't have BOTH of them. I mean, Harry is so sweet, and cheeky... and flirty... and I would sure love to run my fingers through his curls... But Zayn... he has such a nice body... and I get so lost in his eyes... and I do still want to kiss him. Badly. 

But who am I kidding? No hot boy band singer is gonna fall for me. Who am I? Kendall Gray from California? 

No One Direction boy would like me. No way. 

My thoughts were interrupted by familiar footsteps. He's back... I thought. But I didn't even bother getting up. Whatever he's gonna do doesn't require it anyway. 

"Hello, Kendall." 


I've been jogging for hours. Every tree looks the same. Every leaf looks the same. I don't know where I'm going. I don't even know what I'm looking for! As if Kendall or Zayn is going to be standing up against a tree... 

Face it Harry, you're lost. I told myself. 

I stopped and looked around. Come on, think Harry. If I was a murderer who just abducted a gorgeous teenage girl... where would I go. 

I put my hands on my hips and scrunched my face, hard in thought. 

I let my head hang down while I shook my hair and swept it to one side. When I lifted my head back up, I suddenly had a thought. 

I would take her someplace small, and out of sight. So she wouldn't be able to escape, but no one could see what I was doing...

So where can I find a place like that in the middle of the forest? 

The ground. 

It would have to be below the ground. 

As I walked farther and farther through the forest, I bent down and searched the ground. I knew it was a long shot, but it was the only idea I had. 

I rolled over every rock, twig, root, everything. I was just about to give up, when I heard it.


It was either a faint scream, or a nearby whisper. I took a couple steps in attempt to listen closer and I realized what I was hearing.


Oh god... And it was really close by. I almost called her name out, but I didn't want the killer to know that I was coming. I was afraid that if he heard me, he would panic and either kill her or move her to someplace else. 

So I crept. I crept really quietly until i finally found the place I was looking for... but only because I almost fell right into it. 

A little hole in the ground, like a little rectangular opening in the dirt. Just to make sure I wasn't jumping into a snake's nest, I put my ear to the hole. 


Yep, that's it alright. 

I started hopping up and down a little bit, shaking my hands out and taking in deep breaths. Boy I was nervous... this was my one chance to save her...

I could get myself killed right now... but it was worth it. I was just about to crawl in... when I realized.

I'm gonna need a weapon... This guy has a gun.

I was looking around for a big stick, or a rock or something, when the moans I heard turned into cries. They were like whispers... but I knew it was Kendall.

With that, I grabbed the nearest stone.

It's now or never. Here goes nothing, I thought.

That was the last I heard of my thoughts before I dove for the opening...


Yet again I was robbed of my soul, my heart, my everything. McAllister was just about ready to get the hell off me and redress himself... when I heard it. 


At first I thought that it was McAllister, but when I realized that he was the one still on top of me... I thought,  who could this be? ... my mind jumped to my rescuers. But no... it couldn't be them already.

I proved myself wrong as from the corner of my eye, I saw a green-eyed curly haired boy come into sight of me. 

I widened my eyes in disbelief and waited for him to make his move. But when I saw the way he looked at me, and McAllister still hovering overtop of me, my heart just broke. 


I was caught by surprise by a long and steep hill that I unwillingly slid down attempting to get down to Kendall. When I reached the bottom and stood up, I saw a sight that made my mind go blank. 

A sight that made me froze...

Kendall, laying on the ground, half-naked, being abused by this man against her will. The man who took her. The man who gave me a hard blow to the head... 

I felt heartbroken for her in this moment. I felt that I should have saved her when I had the chance. Because now it was too late. She would never be the same again.

The only thing that I knew to do right now, was take back what was mine.


Without thinking, I gritted my teeth and chucked the stone I held tightly in my hand right at the old man's head.

"Get off her!" I yelled. 

I watched as the stone hit him hard in the side of his face. I saw a spurt of blood and the man staggered onto his side, in pain. 

When I could tell that he was successfully off of Kendall, I ran to her. She had tears in her eyes.

I knelt down right beside her and took her hands in mind, helping her sit up. 

I could see bruises on her face... on her wrists... on her thighs...

I put my hand on her cheek and spoke softly to her. "Kendall... I'm so sorry... . I've been looking for you for days! God... This is all my f-"

"Shh." She stopped me. She put her hand on mine that was still on her cheek. 

"It wasn't your fault..." She whispered in between sobs." 

We were interrupted by the killer growling, still on the ground. I could tell that he was lunging to stand up. 

"Don't worry, I got you," I quickly said to Kendall as I put one hand behind her back, and the other underneath her knees and picked her up. I ran for the slope but old man came from behind me and pushed her out of my arms.

She hit the ground with a loud thud and I heard her shriek of pain. 

"Don't touch her!" I screamed at him and threw a punch. 

I got him hard in the face and he staggered backwards. I was about to pick up Kendall once again but he took me by surprise and kicked me square in the back. I yelped in pain and grasped my back. 

When i turned back around, the man had Kendall back in his arms. 

No, he was not allowed to take her. Not again, I thought. I suddenly remembered that I had skills in martial arts. I took the classes when I was a kid... I knew how to do this!

I wrapped my hands around his neck, twisted it one way... pulled in the other. 

I heard a loud crack, and I watched as the old man dropped Kendall harshly, and fell to the ground.


I stared at him for a moment, surprised by what I had just done...

Then I came back to earth and heard Kendall's harsh sobbing. I ran to her and pulled her into a tight hug. 

"Shhh. It's okay now, you're safe. Shhh." 

I felt as she put her head on my shoulder. I kissed her soft hair, and shushed her softly until she stopped sobbing. 

She picked her head up off me, and gave me a weak smile. 

"Let's get you out of here," I said. 

I helped her up, and held her by the waist while pushing her up the steep slope. Still holding her, we walked a ways until the evil opening was out of sight. 

Once we reached a rock to sit on, I looked at her body. Bra... underwear... that was all. I guess I was a little overwhelmed by it at first, but I was worried about her being cold.

I took off the jacket I was wearing and put it on her. It was really big on her, but I helped her zip it up so it covered most of her chest.

"Here," I said. "Now you can be warm."

"Thank you," she said softly. "For saving me... for everything." 

"I'm just sorry that this happened to you... I'm so sorry, Kendall." And I really was.

Without thinking, I took her face into my hands, and pulled her into a long and meaningful kiss. When I was about to pull away, I felt her push her lips back into mine.

She wanted more. Her tongue gained entrance, and we were gently enjoying each other's touch when she pulled away suddenly.

I thought I had done something wrong...

"What's wrong?" I asked her quickly. "Too much?"

"No, no, your tongue is lovely." This made me smile proudly. 

"It's just," she continued. "Where's Zayn?"

My heart stopped.


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