Love on the Run

Kendall was just a normal teenager going to a concert with her best friend. But when danger strikes and an unknown criminal arrives and starts shooting up the area, Kendall finds herself completely alone. Luckily, two brave boys are there to help her out, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from One Direction. Kendall wasn't much of a fan, but the trio starts to bond while running from a killer. When both band members start to develop feelings for her along the way, Kendall finds herself trying to make the hardest decision of her life.


11. Reunited


"... So that's when my mom married Robin. My sister and I really liked him so we adjusted easily. It wasn't long after that when I auditioned for x-factor... and well, you know the story from there."

Harry and I had been laying on the ground together for what seemed like forever. We were on our sides, with our elbows up and our heads rested on our hands, facing each other. When I asked Harry to tell me everything about him, I wasn't kidding. 

Based on his answer, he wasn't either. 

Harry told me all about his life. From his childhood, all the way up to when One Direction was created, I now knew everything. 

"Actually... before I met you guys, I wasn't much of a fan. So I don't really know the story from there." I confessed.

Harry looked at me with a surprised look in his eye but still smiled big. 

"Well, Simon put us together as a band when we all got cut. We didn't think we would be all that successful, but after we released our first single--"

I interrupted him to finish his sentence. "What Makes You Beautiful," I said a matter of factly. 

Harry giggled at me. "So you do know our music!" He poked me in the chest.

I slapped his hand away playfully. "Maybe... but that doesn't mean I like it." When I said this, Harry's jaw dropped sarcastically. 

"How could you not like our music? We sing to the girls of the world!"

"Does that mean you're gonna write a song about me now?"I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Maybe. Maybe not. If I did, I would have to know a lot more about you."

I had a feeling that it was my turn to tell my life story... I just wasn't sure if my life was interesting enough to make my story last as long as his did. 

"Okay, ask me anything." I quickly regretted saying.

"What was your childhood like?" He asked me.

"Well... I'm an only child. Well... I wasn't always." I looked at the ground.

"What do you mean?" He asked me, concerned. 

I took my time telling this story.

"When I was three, my mom was pregnant with a baby boy. We were all so excited about him... his name was going to be Nicholas. But my mom was in a car accident before he was born. She was fine... with just minor injuries. But she lost the baby. Nicholas was never born. My mom was never the same again. Neither was my dad actually... well, none of us were."

While I was telling my story, I was staring at the sky. It was still an emotional topic for me, so I preferred not to have to look at the person I was talking to. But when I looked back at Harry... I immediately felt bad. 

He was in the process of wiping a small tear from his cheek, his eyes red and bloodshot. 

"Kendall..." He mumbled.

"You're not supposed to be the one crying," I said, using my hand to wipe the second tear that was falling down his face.

"I'm fine," he said, forcing a smile. "Keep going."


Keep going with what... OH, my story. Duh.

"Well after that, my parents held me close. and I mean REALLY close. I think they were just afraid to lose me too... so they kept an extremely close eye on me. They never let me out of their sight... definitely the over protective type. This is the first outing that my parents finally let me go on by myself. They trust Maya so it was easier to convince them. I can't wait to tell them that the first time they trusted me to leave the house alone, I got kidnapped and raped."

Harry was looking at me with wide eyes. "Are you gonna mention me?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean... when you tell them. Aren't you going to need to add in the little detail that a hunky teenage hero saved you?" 

I started laughing and pushed his chest to where he fell onto his back. We were play fighting on the ground until we heard it...

Rustling... coming from the trees...

Harry and I looked at each other... then back to the forest.... then back at each other. We stood up and Harry stood in front of me. I grasped onto his arm and rested my face on his back. 

It was like he was trying to protect me. We didn't know what was coming... so it was like Harry was trying to put himself between me... and evil.

I looked over his shoulder and watched as the object of the rustling came flying through the trees.

20 or so FBI agents with guns pointed at us came running toward where we were standing. Once they saw us, they put their guns away and walked at a slower pace to us.

One of the agents came right up to me from behind.

"Kendall Gray?" He grabbed my forearm. 

"Yes..." I replied.

"Don't worry, we're here to help you. Come with us." I allowed the agent to lead me away from our campsite along with the rest of the agents who were now much more calm then when they found us. 

Zayn must have called for help... thank god. we can get out of here! 

Then I remembered Harry. I whirled my head around to see a different agent leading Harry out of the woods but in a different direction. 

Harry and I both looked over our agent's shoulders in attempt to see one another. I didn't wanna leave him... not yet...

"Harry!" I called to him. But the agent kept on leading me out.

"Kendall?" I heard him call for me. 

Once I couldn't see him anymore, I stopped fighting and told the agents to let go of me. When they did, I walked cooperatively by their side.

I followed them all the way out to the parking lot, where I found Zayn. 

I stopped and looked at the back of his dark hair... and the same leather jacket he was wearing when he found me unconscious. 

"Zayn..." I mumbled. 

He must have heard me... because he whirled around and looked right at me with his mouth open and eyes wide with relief. Neither of us waited two seconds... we sprinted to each other.

I jumped right into his arms, putting my arms around his neck, squeezing him tight. We embraced for a minute or so, and when we finally let go of each other, I noticed that I was tearing up.

"Kendall..." he started. "I was so worried... what happened to you? Are you okay? Where's Harry?" 

I was about to try to answer all of his questions but his last question stuck in my brain. Where's Harry... with that, I whipped around and looked in all different directions. 

I thought for a moment that I might collapse... but then I saw him. His curls... his eyes... his body... him.

I watched as he emerged from the edge of the woods. The agent let go of his arm and patted him on the shoulder. Then she walked away from him.

When Harry saw me... I noticed his mouth moving in the shape of my name. Next thing I knew, Harry had run up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me up into a tight hug, spinning me around.

When he finally put me down, he smashed his lips to mine. We had a moment of pure tongue, but stopped when we realized that we were not alone. We separated from each other as we noticed Zayn.

I watched as Harry and Zayn had their bro hug and talked for a while. I let them be, and walked to an agent who was waiting by her car. 

"Excuse me..." I started. "My parents are away on vacation... I don't have anywhere to go."

I frowned and looked at the ground. This was a serious problem... I didn't want to leave Harry or Zayn... and I really didn't want to be by myself in my house. Not after what I had just gone through... but I didn't want to have to contact my parents either. They are going to be so heartbroken... I won't be allowed out of the house until I graduate college... and I didn't want them to end their vacation 2 weeks earlier than planned...

The lady looked at me with a smile. How is she smiling at me right now?

"Don't worry, honey. Your friends have it all figured out."

I looked at her with confusion and watched as her finger pointed at two brave and beautiful boys who I know now to be mine.

As I stared at them, I saw as they both looked up at me with comforting eyes. I looked from Zayn to Harry... from Harry to Zayn. 

They had it all figured out... but how?

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