Love on the Run

Kendall was just a normal teenager going to a concert with her best friend. But when danger strikes and an unknown criminal arrives and starts shooting up the area, Kendall finds herself completely alone. Luckily, two brave boys are there to help her out, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from One Direction. Kendall wasn't much of a fan, but the trio starts to bond while running from a killer. When both band members start to develop feelings for her along the way, Kendall finds herself trying to make the hardest decision of her life.


14. New Romances

I watched as Louis wrestled with his keys, trying to find the one that fit the front door. I would have laughed... but I was just way too nervous and excited to do anything.

" Ah, there we go," he said as he put the key in the slot, turned it, and opened up the door to my paradise. 

I looked inside and let my eyes widen in awe at the house. It wasn't very formal, but it still had nice furniture. It didn't look run-down at all. 

"After you," I heard Harry say as he gestured for me to go ahead of him. 

Without even looking at him, I stepped into the house and immediately forgot my manners. I just started slowly walking through each room, looking around at everything with this overwhelmed look on my face.

I walked through a cute little sitting area with a couch, a chair and a TV. That room was connected to the cute little kitchen with a table set for 5. 

There was a bathroom, and a long hallway with 5 bedroom doors. I opened one of the doors and looked inside... it wasn't a very large room... but a very large bed. 

My trance was interrupted by Zayn coming up from behind me. 


"Oh... sorry. I was just looking around..." I was a little embarrassed. 

"That alright," he said. "This is my room anyway. Come on in!" 

Zayn stepped in front of me and walked into the bedroom. He immediately walked to his dresser and started restyling his dark hair in the mirror. 

"Do you ever get tired of putting that stuff in your hair?" I walked over and stood behind his chair, looking at him through the mirror. He looked at me right back.

"Sometimes... not really. I like styling it." He started spraying some hairspray into it. 

Some spray got in my mouth so I started coughing and waving my hand in front of my face.

"Zayn... watch the hairspray will ya... It tastes much worse than it smells..." 

Zayn started giggling and made a face at the spray bottle. "Really?" 

I laughed at his curious duck lipped facial expression, and grabbed the spray bottle right out of his hands and ran across the room to the other side of the bed. Zayn flew up from his seat and tried to run towards me to get it back, but I held it up in a gun point position as if to warn him. We were both laughing like idiots! 

He put his hands up in front of him as he started stepping slowly towards me... 

"Kendall... just slowly hand me the bottle... my hair isn't done yet..." 

But once he got too close, I decided to make him taste it too. So I sprayed the bottle right in his face and watched as he gagged and coughed. I felt bad laughing.... but it was funny! 

"That is not fair, Kendall..." he said between coughs. "You got that STRAIGHT in my eye." 

I laughed really hard at this, and without thinking, I took his wrists in my hands, forcing him to look at me. We were really close now...

His eyes were a bit bloodshot, but they were still gorgeous... and sparkly... and don't even get me started on those eyelashes. 

"It stings," he whispered. I could feel his breath on my neck. 

I lifted my head to where my lips were close to his eye, and blew softly. When I slowly lifted it back down, I could see that he was looking at me intensely. He hadn't taken his gaze of me...

Right before I thought that something more could happen... I thought of Harry. I'm with him... I can't do this. This is cheating...

So I pulled away from Zayn but not before he grabbed my wrist and yanked me towards him, so that our faces were close again. But this time, Zayn had a more frustrated look on his face than the last time we "almost kissed." 

"Zayn please..." I started.

"No, Kendall. I know you want this too. I know you feel something! Why don't you just give in to it?" After he said this, he leaned in and kissed me.

Right on my lips. 

In my head I was ordering myself to stop and let go of his grasp, but I knew he was right. I did feel something... and I did want it... 

So I let my lips stay with his. I actually started kissing him back.

But we we're interrupted as I heard someone open the door. I could feel him staring right at us but I kept my gaze on Zayn, who was already looking at the intruder with wide eyes. 

My heart dropped. 

If It was Harry... I was sunk. There's no way he would ever forgive me... or take me back. 

I turned my gaze to the unknown person... and breathed a sigh of relief. 


He was standing there, motionless, staring at the two of us in awe. He didn't look angry at all... just shocked. 

"Listen Lou... you don't understand..." Zayn started to say, but Louis waved him off and walked towards us. 

"This is none of my business guys. But you're right... I don't understand." When he said this, he looked straight at me. I knew he was referring to not understanding how I could do this to Harry... 

Zayn and I watched as Louis walked out of the room. But before he did, he called from behind him... "Liam and Niall are in the kitchen." 

Once he was out of the room, Zayn and I looked at each other. He had so much worry in his eyes. 

"You don't think..." I started to ask him if he thought Louis would tell Harry... or anyone! He must have understood because before I even finished my sentence...

"I don't know, Kendall. I don't know."

He put his finger to my face and wiped away a strand of hair touching my eye. "I guess we'll see." 

I didn't like any of his responses, but I knew that it wouldn't affect him very much if Harry did find out. It may even work out better for him.  But he wasn't evil... so I knew he wasn't hoping for that. 

I turned away from him and walked out of the room. I felt Zayn follow me. 

Hopefully Louis hadn't ALREADY spilled the beans to the whole room... thats not a good first impression for Liam or Niall...

Zayn's POV

As we were walking out of the room, I couldn't stop thinking about what I had just done...

I wasn't regretful at all. I wasn't ashamed... I wasn't angry. I was just happy. I was so happy that I finally pucked up the courage to make my move on her and tell her how I feel. 

I know she likes Harry... a lot. But I know she likes me too. Kissing her just confirmed that. She didn't pull away... she kissed me back. 

She wouldn't have done that if she didn't like me. 

I am worried about Louis telling anyone. If he tells Harry... then he will be heartbroken. He will never forgive me... and he is one of my best mates. I wouldn't want our friendship to be ruined like that! We're bandmates... brothers! 

Kendall would be just as heart broken... probably SO upset that she wouldn't want to be with me either... then nobody wins! 

So basically, I'm just hoping that Louis keeps his mouth shut? Thats not a lot to go on...

Thats nothing to go on. 




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