Love on the Run

Kendall was just a normal teenager going to a concert with her best friend. But when danger strikes and an unknown criminal arrives and starts shooting up the area, Kendall finds herself completely alone. Luckily, two brave boys are there to help her out, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from One Direction. Kendall wasn't much of a fan, but the trio starts to bond while running from a killer. When both band members start to develop feelings for her along the way, Kendall finds herself trying to make the hardest decision of her life.


13. Home Sweet Home

Our plane touched down at the London Airport at about 6:30 PM. Since the incident, I hadn't really had much sense of time...

I mean it's not like I had a calendar down in that hole I was thrown into. 

While we were waiting for the doors to open, I watched as the flight attendants walked down the aisle and attempted to help people get their luggage down. 

A nice man in the row ahead of us helped Eleanor and I get ours out of the shelf. I was still looking out the window, but I could hear a flight attendant speak from behind me...

"Oh my goodness, you're Louis from One Direction! Oh and Harry! Oh Zayn!"

I chuckled to myself as I listened for the boys' responses. 

"Yes, thats us," I heard Louis say. "You've done a fantastic job getting us here safely, so thank you."

Ah Louis, quite the charmer. 

I took this opportunity to figure out what day it was... so I turned to Eleanor and asked.

"Hey El?"


"I know this is kind of a silly question... but then again, the past week has been quite silly as well..."

Eleanor interrupted me with a giggle. "Its alright Kendall, just ask,"

"What day is it?" I felt stupid saying it. I hadn't known Eleanor for very long and she must already think that I'm a ditz or something.

She laughed and replied, "Friday!" 

Ah. Friday.

Friday night's at home would mean Maya and I going out to the mall, or the movies, or a house party. (In the case of a house party, I would tell my parents that it's a party... at Maya's house. Clever right?)

I couldn't help but realize how different this Friday night was. I was sitting in an airplane next to Eleanor Calder... getting ready to walk into the London Airport and go home with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. 

If only Maya could see me now... I really should call her later.

My deep thought was interrupted as Harry tapped me on the shoulder. 

"Hey babe, you ready?" With that, I noticed that all the people in front of us had already exited the plane and now it was my turn. 

I smiled at Harry and nodded. I stood up and felt him take my hand in his. Together we walked down the aisle and through the gate doors. 

But before we did so, Harry stopped and let go of my hand. 

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"I almost forgot..." he replied. I watched as he reached into his carry-on bag and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. 

He put them on, lifted his head up, and gave me a cheesy smile and a thumbs up. 

"How do I look?" he said playfully.

I laughed and punched him in the arm. "You look stunning."

Zayn, Louis, and Eleanor had already gone through, most likely wearing their sunglasses as well. I guess I forgot that they were famous... it must be a mob out there. 

Harry reached into his bag one more time and pulled out a second pair of sunglasses. 

"These are for you," he said. I took them from him, confused.

"I'm not famous, nobody will recognize me," I stated.

"Not yet, but once you're seen with me, you're going to be all over the media. Just hold onto my hand and don't look at the cameras or talk to anyone. It's only a matter of time before our story gets out." Harry explained.

But... I don't want the story to get out. I don't want everyone to know about my experience this past week... the concert... Zayn and Harry... McAllister... everything. 

I put on the glasses like Harry said, and held his hand tightly. Harry pulled open the door, and in a second I had walked into kaos. 

I was wearing glasses but it didn't stop the flashing camera lights from blinding me. From everywhere I could hear cameras snapping...  screaming fans... and reporters calling out questions.

I kept my head down like Harry told me, and just let him lead me out. But I still heard everything...

"Harry! Harry Styles! Who is that girl? Is she your girlfriend? Where did you meet her? Where is the rest of the band?" 

I shook off all the questions and just walked. It wasn't until we were completely outside the airport and into a black SUV that it all stopped.

Once we got into the car and shut all the doors and windows, we all pulled our sunglasses off and got comfortable. 

The man who was driving the van quickly pulled out of the lot and started on the highway. "Are you all alright?" He asked. "That was crazy in there."

"It was to be expected," Zayn replied. "But yes we're okay." 

It might not have been the appropriate time to ask this but I just had to know... "What are you gonna tell them, Harry? About me, I mean." 

Harry looked at me and kind of shrugged. "Nothing yet." 

I just continued looking at him so he could tell that I was not satisfied.

"The less they know, the better. People start to talk... rumors get around... and I don't want you exposed to that kind of stuff already." Harry continued.

"He's right, Kendall," Zayn added. "I'm still getting used to it now. It's not a world you want to be in." 

I heard what they were saying and I understood. I just didn't want Harry telling the press anything that he hadn't even told me yet...

Like if I'm his girlfriend or not. 

For the rest of the ride, I mostly looked out the window. I wasn't holding a grudge or anything, I just really liked the look of London. 

It was really beautiful! It was slightly drizzling outside. 

I heard a phone ring, and saw that it was Eleanors. She took the iPhone out of her pocket and put it to her ear. "Hello?" 

We all watched as she listened and then said, "We're almost there." 

She hung up the phone and noticed that we were all staring at her. She giggled.

"That was Danielle. She just left the house to go back home, so it's just Liam and Niall there now. She said she feels bad that she couldn't see you all, or meet Kendall, but she's gotta get home to pack and make her flight on time." 

When Eleanor was done speaking, Louis looked at me and added in, "Danielle is a professional dancer. She dances on the X-factor tours, which is where she's headed now." 

"That's really awesome," I replied.

Eleanor is a model... Danielle is a dancer... what am I? 


It's as if Harry read my mind because he stroked the back of my hair and said softly so that nobody else in the car could hear...

"You're perfect, babe." 

Oh goodness, Harry. 

I gave a grateful look and leaned in to kiss his cheek. It was slow, and meaningful. 

Then suddenly, something that Eleanor had said just came back to me. Liam and Niall are at the house... I could faintly remember what they looked like from Maya's album but...

I was just so nervous to meet them... what if they don't like me? 

I looked out the window and noticed something else. 

"Oh great, it's raining. So the first time I meet Liam and Niall, I'll look like a wet rat." 

Harry laughed at me. "It doesn't matter what you look like..." But then quickly added in... "But you look beautiful!" 

I laughed... he was right. They won't care how I look.

"They're gonna love you no matter what," Harry said. 

Now I was feeling a little bit better about it... but when the car pulled up to a cute little ranch house... the nerves came back. 

I hadn't seen any houses for miles, but I liked that. It was isolated, and private. 

"It's so cute!" I shrieked, looking out the window. 

Zayn laughed. "We like it because we can have our privacy. It was Harry's stepdads house." 

It had a cute little front porch, and a screen door at the house entrance. 

"If you like this," Harry started. "Wait until you see inside." 

At this point, I couldn't wait. I practically leaped out of the car but was surprised by raindrops that hit me on the head. 

Harry joined me seconds later with an umbrella that he shared with me. He walked me over to the front porch. We went up the little stairs and got under the sheltered part of the porch. 

The others had followed us out, and I watched as Louis reached into his pants pocket for the key.

Here we go...  

My new home. 



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