Love on the Run

Kendall was just a normal teenager going to a concert with her best friend. But when danger strikes and an unknown criminal arrives and starts shooting up the area, Kendall finds herself completely alone. Luckily, two brave boys are there to help her out, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles from One Direction. Kendall wasn't much of a fan, but the trio starts to bond while running from a killer. When both band members start to develop feelings for her along the way, Kendall finds herself trying to make the hardest decision of her life.


3. Hide and Sneak

Oh no... he's still here.

I took one look at Zayn and Harry and without even thinking, I seized both of their hands and took off running, dragging them behind me. I don't really know what came over me... I guess I was just afraid that the killer was close, and I had a sudden urge to protect the boys.  

Once far away from the parking lot, I decided to take cover behind a nearby counter in one of the outdoor shops. I crouched down behind it, pulling Zayn and Harry down with me, causing them to crouch down on either sides of me.

Harry was facing me, while I had my back to Zayn. 

Although I was terrified and in complete shock, I found myself lost in Harry's soft green eyes. It was an awkward position because we couldn't exactly move. But I didn't mind. I didn't think Harry did either, because he was grinning at me. 

I came back down to earth when Zayn attempted to clear his throat. 

"Sh..." I shushed him.

"Uh, Kendall?" He whispered. "I really don't understand why we are hiding--"

"SH," I shushed him even louder. 

I thought about it, and then waited a couple seconds before standing up. 

"Well uh, we can't be too careful," I said, a little embarrassed. I started to brush the dirt off the front of my shirt.

Harry and Zayn both stood up. "Oh uh, you have some... stuff on your back." I heard Zayn say. Then I felt his hand start rubbing my back, trying to brush the dirt off. At first I flinched, but I actually liked the feeling of his touch. 

What is happening? I don't even know these boys and I'm already starting to like them. I bet it's just because they are famous. Damn you One Direction. 

My shirt must've been clean because Zayn took his hand off my back. Feeling a little bit awkward, I stared at the ground and just started mumbling.

"Uh, well we uh, should probably uh... um..." I stammered. 

"Your head?" Harry said.

"What?" I replied, feeling a little confused.

"We were gonna get your head fixed up, remember?" Harry replied. 

"Oh right..." I said shaking my head. God Kendall stop making yourself look stupid in front of them. 

Next thing I knew, Harry had grabbed my hand. I looked down at my hand, then back up at Harry. 

"C'mon," he said smiling. "You'll feel good as new in no time." 

I stared at the ground and started smiling like an idiot. I followed Harry's steps down the sidewalk. I could hear Zayn's loud footsteps behind us... as if he were angry. I would invite him to hold my other hand... but uh... yeah. 

Once we got to what looked like a tattoo parlor, Harry let go of my hand. 

"There are always first aid kits in these places," he said looking around. 

"And how would you know?" I asked playfully.

Harry walked over to me and pulled his shirt up. He pointed to tattoos that he had on his stomach, his arms, and his back. 

"I see," I said giggling. I pretended like I was looking at his tattoos, but I was really checking out his body. Abs... muscles... he was really kind of perfect. I wanted to just grab him and kiss him... but obviously I wasn't about to do that.

While Harry was looking around for the first aid kit, Zayn came over and stood next to me, leaning on the counter. 

"So," he started. "Any special boys in your life?" 

I laughed. "Oh definietly, lots of them," I said sarcastically. 

Zayn looked at me kind of hurt. He obviously didn't understand my sarcasm...

"I'm kidding!" I said to him. 

His face softened up and he started laughing but I could tell he didn't really find it funny. After about 10 seconds of more awkward laughing, Zayn nudged my shoulder playfully. I nudged him back. There are those butterflies again...

"Aha!" I heard Harry say behind me. 

He came flying around the counter with a red box that said 'First Aid Kit'. "I know band-aids when I see them." 

Harry put the box on the counter and Zayn moved out of the way. Next thing I knew, I could feel Harry's strong arms lifting me from around the waist. Harry sat me down onto the counter and asked me to turn my head. 

I turned my head.

"The other way, silly." He said laughing. "I need to see your injury."

"I wouldn't call it an injury..." I said, turning my head the other way.

"Oh stop," he said, taking my face in his hands, moving it around so he could see the damage done on my head.

He pulled out a dry cotton ball out of the kit, and wet it with liquid from a bottle that said 'Rubbing Alcohol'.

Once I saw this, I started to panic a little bit, thinking about my previous experiences with rubbing alcohol... 

I flinched at the thought and got restless. 

"Oh... no thats not necessary... I uh..." I babbled.

But Harry put his hands on my shoulders and calmed me down. "Shh," he said. "It won't hurt a bit." Just at the feeling of his face being so close to mine, i got immediately still. 

"Just look at me," he said softly, while taking the cotton ball upon my head, cleaning the blood off. Looking into his eyes, I didn't feel a thing. I finally got out of my trance after he had already bandaged it up. Even then I didn't move my gaze. 

Next thing I knew, Harry cupped my face in his hands, and started moving closer to me. 

"Har--" I stared, but got interrupted by Harry putting his soft lips to mine. It was such a rush. My first kiss... 

I immediately felt the butterflies that Maya had once told me I would feel. I never wanted to move my lips away from him.

I didn't even know what I was doing... but still sitting on the counter as he was standing in front of me, I began to wrap my legs around his waist, putting my hands around his neck. I got into the kiss, but he started to pull away. 

"Woah, woah," he said smirking. 

"What? Never made out with someone before?" I asked him playfully. It was kind of ironic though because I haven't...

"Very funny, Kendall." he replied. He put his hands back around my waist and lifted me off the counter. "We better go." 

I watched as Harry turned and walked away towards the store's exit. I was in a kind of trance... I think I may have been in love with Harry. How was that even possible? I only knew him for barely a day. 

As I admired Harry's bouncy curls as he walked, I quickly came back to earth as I noticed something.

Zayn was walking right behind me. Had he been there the whole time? That can't be good...



*So let me know what you guys think! Do you want Kendall with Harry or Zayn? I'd love to hear your ideas!(:*




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