Nobody Compares (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Claire Wells is just another Youtube Singer/ guitar player. She never thought that anyone important would find her. Better yet, she never thought that anyone would make her the opening act for a worldwide famous band. One Direction.


1. They Don't Know About Us, cover by Claire Wells.

"They don't know about the things we do, they don't know about the I love you's, but I betcha if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us." I sang, finishing the song soon after. I put the video together and uploaded it to my YouTube account, automatically getting 1,000 views when it uploaded. People commented, complimenting me on my voice, requesting songs, and telling me to go on X Factor. I would, but the only thing is, I have serious stage fright. I cannot sing in front of people, no matter what. I replied back to some comments, and then shut down my laptop, pulling out my iPhone and going on Twitter. Just then, my laptop made a weird noise. I opened it up, and I saw a new comment on my video. "Email us. We want to give you a career as the opening act of One Direction." They left their email address in the comment after what they said. I thought about it for a minute, and opened a new tab, going to Gmail and typing in the email.

To: *management's email"

From: *my email* 

Hi, this is Claire Wells, the YouTube singer that you left a comment telling me to email you? I would be honored to be the opening act for One Direction. As long as my parents are alright with it. 


The only thing I didn't mention was my stage fright. I looked, and they already sent an email back. Wow. Quick. 


From: *management's email*

To: *my email*

Hello Claire,

      Glad you decided to email us!  We are very happy that you agree!  We have been looking for an opening act for a while now.  But it is very hard to find one, you know!  If you could just have your mother or father, whichever one, call us, then that would be great.  We will go through everything they will need to know about it, and that we will keep you safe.  Here's our number: *insert number here*


       Paul Higgins


I told my mom everything that happened, and she was very excited for me. She ran into my dad's room and shut the door, obviously telling him, and then calling the number together. I crashed on the couch, the only thing I was thinking about was how many people go to their concerts, and how many people I was going to be singing in front of.

I mean, I know I pretty much sing in front of over a million people on YouTube, but it's different. I can't see who is watching the videos, and I'm just looking at a computer screen. Not at a crowd of so many people. 

How am I going to get over this? 

"Good news Claire! Pack your things, they'll be here in an hour!" my mom exclaimed, running out of her room excitedly. I looked at her gratefully. "You approve of me going away for a year?" I asked her, surprised. "There's always Skype!" my mom exclaimed happily. I chuckled. "Mom, do you even have a Skype?" I asked her. She looked at me. "Of course I do!" she replied. "Sure, Mom...." I responded. She rolled her eyes and handed me a big suitcase, and some money. "Thanks Mom." I exclaimed, giving her a quick hug and rushing to my room to pack. 


*1 Hour Later*

Ding, Dong. I walked out of my room with my suitcase packed, slipping my phone into my back pocket as I walked towards the door. My mom and dad were teary-eyed, and I walked over and gave them a hug. "I love you guys." I said, soon pulling away from them and going to answer the door. There, were the 5 British and Irish guys known as One Direction, standing on my sidewalk, waiting for the door to be answered. Beside them was a man I was assuming was the one I was emailing, Paul. "Hello, Claire!" he exclaimed, reaching toward me to shake my hand. I smiled at him, and shook his hand. "It's convenient that we were in New York at the time, otherwise we would've been without an opening act!" he exclaimed. I smiled again, and waved at my mom and dad, both of them still about to cry. "Love you guys!" I exclaimed, watching the tears fall down their cheeks as I walked out of my house, and into their car. On my way to fame. 

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