Finding you...

-a 1D fanfic-
Jestina Maison is a 18 year old girl living an amazingly hard life...
her mother had passed away in a brutal car accident when Jestina was only 4 years old.
Now she has to deal with everyday struggles that no teenager should ever have to go through. Her abusive father will do whatever he can to make sure Jestina dosen't get what she wants or needs.
One day she just couldn't take it anymore so she....


4. It's time

Jestina's POV

   I woke up in my 'bed' which was good so I knew I wasn't dead or in a coma but something didn't feel right... what was it...? I sat up and then I realized what had happened.... I had been raped... by my own father! I burst into tears, I couldn't control my emotions anymore, as the tears were streaming down my face.

I went to place my hand on my stomach like a normally do ( just a habit )and I felt warmth, and depth. He cut open my stomach. It just looked like a bunch of deep slices to me. I knew that I need to escape NOW, or who knows what else he might do to me.

   I slipped on a pair of bloody pajama pants and a loose fitting grey tank and grabbed my bag. It was now or never. I made my way to the little window and opened it. I threw my bag outside, then I realized that I left my cell phone on my 'bed' so I grabbed that quickly along with a charm bracelet that my mother gave me before she passed away and put then both in my pocket.

I ran in pain back to the window as I used all of my energy to lift my broken, bruised and bloody body outside. It was mid summer at night so it was a fair temperature for being in London. I didn't know my way around this place because I have only been  let outside a few times, my dad would drive me to and from school and pick me up for lunch. I was allowed no where, no parties or anything. I ran around the streets looking for a hospital to get some treatment and I was getting strange looks from everybody, well what do I expect... I'm and 18 year old girl bleeding running around busy streets looking as lost as a 2 year old.

   I wasn't really looking where I was running for a second and I ran into a boy with brown curly hair, beautiful green eyes and a beanie to match his black runners, blue skinnies and a red v neck tank top. As I ran into him I fell to the street. I had no energy to get up and my tank top touched my cuts, letting the blood seep through so that it was more visible than before.

The boys' face just went completely straight and he was in total shock. He placed a hand on mine, knelt down beside me and said "don't worry love, I'll get you help right away". The best feeling in the world right now to me was knowing that somebody cared about me, this boy, this complete stranger. I tried to reply but when I fell I hit my head hard on the street and I could taste blood in my mouth every time I tried to talk. I managed to say " Help me-" and then I started having blurry vision again and the last thing I remember hearing was an Irish accent yelling "Harry! Get off the ground you goof!" and then it all went blank.

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