Finding you...

-a 1D fanfic-
Jestina Maison is a 18 year old girl living an amazingly hard life...
her mother had passed away in a brutal car accident when Jestina was only 4 years old.
Now she has to deal with everyday struggles that no teenager should ever have to go through. Her abusive father will do whatever he can to make sure Jestina dosen't get what she wants or needs.
One day she just couldn't take it anymore so she....


5. Her....

Harry's POV

I was on the talking on the phone with my girlfriend Jess just walking down the streets of London. Our conversation went something like this...

(Harry-H   Jess-J)

H- Listen Jess, I just don't think that its working out between us, I know the media loves us together and I know that you love us together but you just don't make me fully happy.

J-But Harry Babe, we can just work this out.

H- No Jess, I'm sorry, we just can't.

J- But...but...but

H- No, I'm sorry its over.


-call ended-

It was a short conversation but it was a very painful one for me. I knew that management would give me shit for dumping her without consulting them but it was something that I felt needed to be done. I was in the middle of another thought when I was interrupted by a girl who was carelessly running around not looking where she was going, she ran directly into me.

I was about to look up and yell " YOU BITCH WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING" but as soon as I looked up I saw nothing but beauty. She had long brown straight hair with side swept bangs, green/blue eyes and cute freckles along her cheeks. She was wearing an outfit that seemed to be covered in blood. I was about to ask why but before I could ask she fell to the ground, her head hit the hard concrete of the street and it looked and sounded bad. Her tank top was against her body and there was a lot of blood seeping through her shirt, now I was getting worried.

I knelt own beside her and just told her "Don't worry love, I'll get you help right away" in a very calm voice. She looked up at me like I was her saviour sent from heaven above, but I was just Harry Styles. She was trying to say something but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth. Someting finally managed to leave her mouth and it was just blood, blood and more blood. She kept coughing it up and I just sat there. My face had sorrow and worry all over it.

She very slowly and painfully said " Help me"... she started to close her eyes...  Then I hear an Irish accent call over to me " Harry! Get off the ground you goof!" I look over to see Niall standing there with a smirk on his face. I quickly turn my attention back to this girl and her eyes were shut closed all the way. I turn back to Niall and scream as loud as I can...

" NIALL! CALL 9-1-1!"

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