Finding you...

-a 1D fanfic-
Jestina Maison is a 18 year old girl living an amazingly hard life...
her mother had passed away in a brutal car accident when Jestina was only 4 years old.
Now she has to deal with everyday struggles that no teenager should ever have to go through. Her abusive father will do whatever he can to make sure Jestina dosen't get what she wants or needs.
One day she just couldn't take it anymore so she....


9. Getting to know you

Jestina's POV

Where was I? What is going on? Is anybody there? All these questions were racing through my mind. 

'HELLLOOOOOO" I yelled into the pitch black. I waited a few seconds, no reply...

'HELLOOOOOOO" I yelled once more, but again, no reply. Now I was getting really scared. I didn't know what to do. I tried moving but I had no energy, I felt like I was paralyzed, wait, was I paralyzed? What happened to me...? The last thing I remember was me in pain and this guy saying he was going to help me, I think his name was Harry and I must admit, he was actually really hot. I snapped out of it and remembered what situation I was in. I just stood there calling out for anything or anyone then all of the sudden I felt this burst of energy and I opened my eyes, and to my side was Harry, the man that had saved me.


Harry's POV

She woke up! I couldn't believe it, Niall had left to go get some food from the hospital cafeteria which was a shame because he missed her waking up. I asked her how she knew my name but she didn't answer me, she was just staring at me. I asked her once more time but she didn't answer again. She looked away from me and looked down at her hand which was interlocked with mine at this point and she looked up at me and smiled. I asked her how she was feeling and she said how her stomach hurt really bad and so did her head. I was about to ask her what happened but the nurse came into the room. She politely asked me to leave he room so she could give Jestina a check up. I decided this would be a good time to go get Nialler from the cafeteria. 


Jestina's POV

The nurse started giving me an all over checkup and asking me a lot of questions about how I was doing. but I couldn't focus at what she was asking me, my mind was wondering all over the place but the thing I was wondering the most about was Harry. Why was he holding my hand? Why did I like it? Did I like him? Wait no, you don't even know him, he was just a good looking guy that saved me, I didn't know anything about him at all. I was interupted from my thought by the nurse almost yelling at me because I didn't answer her question. She repeated herself  'Jestina, are you going to be okay here in your room for a bit?' I just simply nodded. 

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