Finding you...

-a 1D fanfic-
Jestina Maison is a 18 year old girl living an amazingly hard life...
her mother had passed away in a brutal car accident when Jestina was only 4 years old.
Now she has to deal with everyday struggles that no teenager should ever have to go through. Her abusive father will do whatever he can to make sure Jestina dosen't get what she wants or needs.
One day she just couldn't take it anymore so she....


3. -Authors note-

Hey my loves!

I will try to update this movella as much as I can as often as I can! Please leave any feedback positive or negative because it will make this book better :) please keep liking, commenting and favoriting becasue that would help make this book better also :) I am also in an advanced Program in my school so I might not be able to post updates often due to homework but ill try :D

Untill next time my loves <3


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