Finding you...

-a 1D fanfic-
Jestina Maison is a 18 year old girl living an amazingly hard life...
her mother had passed away in a brutal car accident when Jestina was only 4 years old.
Now she has to deal with everyday struggles that no teenager should ever have to go through. Her abusive father will do whatever he can to make sure Jestina dosen't get what she wants or needs.
One day she just couldn't take it anymore so she....


1. My introduction

-Jestina's POV-

   *BANG CRASH CRACK BANG THUMP* was all I heard and felt as my abusive father Dave throws me down the stairs, he picked me up by my crew neck T-shirt collar (which was now covered in blood) and threw me against the wall. "YOU UNGRATEFUL GIRL!" Dave yells as he throws a punch across the left side of my face. "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BORN!" Dave yelled again as he throws one last punch across the right side of my face. "Ow!" I yelped trying to make as little noise as possible so Dave wouldn't hurt me anymore than he already has.

He threw me down one last flight of stairs until my head hit the cold hard concrete floor. I heard Dave throw something down the stairs and the sound of a huge door being shut and locked. I knew I would end up here somehow, I always do after he hurts me.

   Dave has always locked me up in my room ever since my mother passed away and that is where I was now, nothing has changed. I never did find out how my mom died by the way. Anyways, my room is small, I have one closet that holds a few outfits and a few shoes, my bed is a yoga mat on the floor and some blood stains from where Dave has hurt me. That is basically my whole room.

After 14 years of being abused like this I have made a plan to escape. There is a small window about 10 inches tall at the back of my room. I decided that when my dad is to high to notice anything that goes on in my room, I will shimmy my petite body which was covered in bruises and scars out the window and run. I will just take the dufflle bag out of my closet and fill it with all the outfits and shoes I have and all my life savings, which is just money my friends have been giving me for what they think is my "lunch" and I will run away. The thing is I have no where to go.

   I have only one friend in my entire life and his name is Alex, he helps me through school and I can tell him everything, he knows about my abusive lifestyle that nobody else knows and he also knows my whole past. I've Called Alex before and he knows about my escape plan but I told him that I don't want  to involve any of his family or him in with my problems because Dave will go crazy on them and he might kill them. My phone battery was at about 3% so I called Alex and let him know what my dad had just did to me again, he felt so bad, he always does because he wants to protect me but he can't. I hate telling him what my dad does to me but I need to let it all out to somebody. I ended the phone call with an "I Love You" like always just in time because my phone died. I was crying during the conversation and I was still crying even when my phone was dead.

   I decided to start packing my duffle bag right now so when I got the chance to run I could go right away. I collected myself together. I threw in my black TOM'S, blue skinny jeans, red skinny jeans, black skinny jeans, my purple sweater, and my grey sweater. Those were the only clothes I had that didn't have any blood on them. I threw my money on my bag which was about 10000 euros and then I zipped my bag closed and I felt satisfied, now I knew I was ready to leave this shit hole...sort of...

   I stood up as I felt a sharp pain in my head, things were getting blurry I was getting worried. that was the least  of my problems right now. I tried ignoring it but it got worse, I felt like I was gunna pass out, then I fell on to my yoga mat bed, things were almost black untill I heard the big door at the top of the stair case open and then Dave's disgusting voice yell " JESTINA!" Then.... it all went black.


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