Justin Bieber Sick On Christmas Story Part 1

Its Christmas And Justin Bieber Gets Sick With The Flu On Christmas Eve.


3. Throwing Up

* Justin Wakes Up And Starts To Feel Like He Is Going To Throw Up Soo He Runs To The Bathroom And When He Gets To The Bathroom He Starts To Throw Up. *

Justin's Pov: When I Woke Up I Felt Extremely Nauseous And I Felt Like I Was Gonna Throw Up And So I Ran Super Fast To The Bathroom And When I Got To The Bathroom I Started To Throw Up,It Was Horrible.

Justin: Shoot Oh God, Oh God , Oh God I Think I'm Gonna Puke.

*Runs To The Bathroom And Starts To Puke.*

Pattie: I Think Justin Is Awake Because I Hear Him Moving Around In His Bedroom Or Is He In The Bathroom... Well I Don't Know.

Diane: Pattie Sweet Heart Go To His Room And See Whats Going On.

Pattie: Okay,I Will.

*Pattie Justin's Mom Goes To His Room And Sees Whats Going On Right Now.*

Justin:*Vomiting Sounds*

Pattie:Justin, Sweet Heart Where Are You?

Justin: Mom, I Am In The Bathroom Puking Right Now.

Pattie: Really Sweet Heart?

Justin: Yes, Mom. *Puking Sounds Again*

Pattie: Awe, Poor Thing...Hang In There I'm Coming.

Justin:Okay Mom.

* Pattie Goes In The Bathroom To Comfort Him*

Justin: * Barfing Sounds Again*

Pattie: Poor Thing.

Justin: Can You Please Tell Grandma?

Pattie: Sure,Think You Can Handle Yourself?

Justin: Yes.

Pattie:Okay Sweet Heart.

Justin: Okay.

*Pattie Leaves The Bathroom And Justin Bieber's Room*

Diane's Pov: When Pattie Told Me Justin Was Throwing Up In The Bathroom I Was Freaking Out.

Pattie's Pov: I Had To Keep Telling My Mom To Stop Freaking Out.

Pattie: Mom, Justin Bieber Was Throwing Up In The Bathroom, He Is Definitely Sick With The Flu.

Diane: Are You Serious?

Pattie: Yes Mom I Am Serious.

Diane:Poor Justin.

Pattie: I Agree With You.

Diane: I'll Make Justin Some Chicken Noodle Soup And Get Him A Ginger Ale Okay...And You Go Check On Him Pattie.

Pattie: Sounds Great.

Diane: Tag Team.

* Pattie Goes Upstairs To Justin Bieber's Room To Go Check On Him. *

Pattie: Justin,How Are You Feeling After Throwing Up?

Justin: I Feel *Moans* Horrible Still And I Am Cold And Hot At The Same Time.

Pattie: That It Definitely Symptoms Of The Flu.

Justin: I Knew That I Had The Flu Which Sucks.

Pattie: I Know Sweet Heart...How Do You Feel About Eating Some Chicken Noodle Soup And Drinking A Ginger Ale?

Justin: I Feel Strongly About It...I Need To Eat When I'm Sick With The Flu.

Pattie: I Will Tell Your Grandma.

* Pattie Leaves Justin's Bedroom.*

Pattie: Mom, Justin Told Me That He Feels Horrible Still And  That He Was Cold And Hot At The Same Time And That He Feels Strongly About Having Chicken Noodle Soup And Drinking A Ginger Ale And That He Needs To Eat When He Is Sick With The Flu.

Diane: Okay,I Am Making Some Chicken Noodle Soup For Justin And I Have His Ginger Ale Ready Already.

Pattie:I'll Take The Ginger Ale Up To Justin Okay.

Diane: Go Ahead.

*Pattie Goes Upstairs To Give Justin His Ginger Ale. *

Pattie: Justin Her You Go,Drink This  Slowly.

Justin: Okay, Thanks And I Will.

Pattie: Your Welcome Sweet Heart.

*Pattie Leaves Justin Bieber's Bedroom*

Diane: Pattie Sweet Heart Justin's Soup Is Ready And Hot.

Pattie: Thanks For Letting Me Know Mom.

Diane: You Can Take It Upstairs To Him And Take These Crackers Up To Him,Okay.

Pattie:Okay Thank.

*Pattie Goes Upstairs To Justin's Room To Give Him His Soup And Crackers So He Can Eat.*

~Pattie Knocks On Justin's Door~

Justin:Who Is It?

Pattie: Its You Mom.

Justin:Okay, Hang On. *Gets The Door And Sits Back Down On His Bed.*

Pattie: Hey, Sweet Heart Here Is Your Chicken Noodle Soup And Crackers .


Pattie: Yes Really.

Justin: Thanks.

Pattie: Your Welcome Sweetie...Please Eat This Slowly, Okay.

Justin: Okay, I Will.


*Justin Bieber Eats His Chicken Noodle Soup Slowly And Drinks His Ginger Ale Slowly And When He Is Done Eating And Drinking His Ginger Ale He Falls Back To Sleep And His Mom Pattie Takes His Things Downstairs To The Kitchen To Get Washed. *











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