Justin Bieber Sick On Christmas Story Part 1

Its Christmas And Justin Bieber Gets Sick With The Flu On Christmas Eve.


4. Throwing Up Again

* Justin Bieber Wakes Up At  8:00pm And Starts To Feel Like He Is Going  To Throw Up Again And He Starts To Feel Really Nauseous Again. *

Justin's Pov: When I Woke Up It Was 8:00pm And I Felt Like I Was Going To Throw up Again And I Felt Really Nauseous All Over Again Soo I Ran Straight To The Bathroom And Once I Got To The Bathroom I Started Throwing Up And I Threw Up All Over The Place In The Bathroom, My Mom And My Grandma Had To Clean Up The Whole Bathroom.

Pattie: I Think Justin Is Up.

Diane: Really, Go See Him.

Justin: *Vomiting Sounds*

Pattie's Pov: When I Got To Justin's Room He Was In The Bathroom And When I Got In The Bathroom Where Justin Was My Eyes Got Big And I Was Like"Oh My Goodness" So Justin Said That He Was Sorry For Throwing Up All Over The Place In The Bathroom....I Said It Was Okay And Called My Mom To Help Me Clean The Whole Bathroom Up.

Pattie: Justin Sweetheart Is Everything Okay In The Bathroom.

Justin:No *Puking Sounds Again*

Pattie: What Happened?

Justin: Come See For Yourself...The Door Is Unlocked. *Barfing Sounds Again*

Pattie: Okay *Opens Door*  Oh My Goodness.

Justin: I Am So Sorry For For Throwing Up All Over The Place In The Bathroom, Seems Like I Couldn't Make It In The Toilet In Time.

Pattie: Its Okay, I Am Not Angry At You Just Try To Make It All In The Toilet Next Time.


Pattie:I'll Go Get Your Grandma To Help Me Clean The Whole Bathroom Up, When You Get Done Go Lay Back Down Immediately Okay And I'll Get You A Bucket.

Justin: Okay.

Pattie: Mom, I Need Your Help.

Diane: What Do You Need My Help With?

Pattie: I Need Your To Clean The Whole Bathroom Up.

Diane: Okay, Why?

Pattie: Because Justin Threw Up All Over The Place In The Bathroom.

Diane: Okay, I Will Help.

Diane's Pov: When Pattie Told Me That She Needed My Help To Clean The Whole Bathroom Up After Justin Threw Up, I Said  Okay And Went Upstairs To Help Pattie...I Did Bring A Bucket Up For Justin To Throw Up In If He Had Too.

Pattie: Justin Are You Done And Are You Laying Down?

Justin: Yes, I'm Done And Laying Down.

Diane: Justin Here Is A Bucket Just In case You Need To Throw Up.

Justin: Okay, Thanks.

Diane: Go To Sleep, Okay.

Justin: Okay. *Falls To Sleep*

*Pattie And Diane Start To Clean The Whole Bathroom Up That Justin Threw Up All Over The Place In And Get It Clean And Smelling Fresh  While Justin Is Sleep.*

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