Justin Bieber Sick On Christmas Story Part 1

Its Christmas And Justin Bieber Gets Sick With The Flu On Christmas Eve.


2. Coughing And Sneezing In My Bedroom

* Justin Wakes Up In The Middle Of His Sleep And Starts Coughing And Sneezing,Justin Tells His Mother And His Grandmother That He Thinks He Has The Flu.

Justin's Pov: While I Was Sleep Something Woke Me Up In The Middle Of My Sleep And I Started Coughing And Sneezing Like Crazy When I Finally Stopped I Went Back To Sleep.

Pattie:Hey, I'm Gonna Go Check On Justin Okay.

Diane: Okay Sweetheart You Just Go And Check On Justin.

Pattie: Okay Mom.

Pattie's Pov: Once The Hour Was Up I Went To Justin Bieber's Bedroom To Check On Him And Noticed That He Was Very Pale.

* In Justin Bieber's Bedroom *

Pattie: Justin , Hey Sweetheart How Do You Feel?

Justin:Mom, I Feel Really Really Terrible.

Pattie: Okay Sweetheart ,Just Go Back To Sleep Honey.

Justin: Okay,I'll Go Back To Sleep.

Diane's Pov: When Pattie Told Me That My Grandson Was Feeling Really Really Terrible, I Started To Get Worried. 

Pattie: Mom,Justin Just Told Me That He Was Feeling Terrible.

Diane: That Kinda Worries Me A Bit, I Will Check On Him In 2 Hours.

Pattie: That Is The Plan.

* 2 Hours Pass And Justin Bieber's Grandmother Goes To Justin's Room To Check On Him.*

Diane: Pattie Sweetheart, I Am Gonna Go Check On Justin, Okay.

Pattie:Okay, Thats Fine.

* In Justin's Bedroom*

Diane: Hey Sweet Pea, How Do You Feel?

Justin:Grandma I Still Feel Super Duper Terrible.

Diane: Okay, Sweetie Pie.

Justin: Grandma I Have Something To Tell You And Mom.

Diane: I Will Go Get Your Mother.

Justin: Okay.

Diane: Pattie Justin Has Something To Tell The Both Of Us.

Pattie: Okay.

* Back In Justin's Room *

Pattie: Whats Going On?

Justin: Mom And Grandma I Think That I Might Be Sick With The Flu.

Pattie And Diane: Really Sweetheart?

Justin: Yes, Really.

Pattie And Diane: Thanks For Telling Us.

Justin: No Problem.




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