Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


9. Chapter 9: I would

Chapter 9: I would


                I reached the studio doors and my phone began to chime, I reached for it, only to be welcomed by a text from Harry.

*I can't concentrate, I'm heading to Vicky's to make things right. Thanks for the advice. Tell the Lads please. -H*

                I shoved my phone back into my pocket and stormed into the studio. Why did I have to help him. Will he ever love her like I would. I shook the thought out and headed towards the guys. "Hey, Harry's gone to see Vicky." I announced. Everyone looked shocked.

"Why?" Louis asked, "He knows we are in the middle of recording our second al-" he began to say but stopped, "Liam are you alright?".

"Yeah," I said while putting a fake smile on, but it didn't work. They were able to read right through me.

"It's Vicky isn't it." Niall said while putting an arm around me.

                I didn't want to talk about, I felt bad enough having feelings for her while she and Harry were a couple. So I decided to change subject, "Umm, since Harry isn't here I guess we can call it a night'." everyone just stared at me, like I was an animal in a zoo.

"Li-" Zayn began to say but Louis cut him off, "I guess we could go hang out at my place." he suggested, "Better if we leave him alone at the moment, he'll talk to us when he's ready." Louis whispered into Zayn's ear, but I still heard it.

                With that all said, they left and I was finally alone. Alone with my thoughts, Alone with my feelings, Alone with anger, Alone with my pain. I was completely and utterly ALONE, but I didn't mind. If I couldn't have with her I didn't want anyone else. That's when it clicked inside of me. I was inspired, so I grabbed a pen and paper and began to scribble how I was feeling.

**2 hours later

                I was standing in the studio with my paper in my hands proud of my work. I read through my lyrics:

"Lately I found myself thinking
Been dreaming about you a lot
And up in my head I'm your boyfriend
But that's one thing you've already got


***Would he say he's in L-O-V-E?
Well if it was me then I would
Baby you should know that I would
Would he say he's in L-O-V-E?
Well if it was me then I would
Would he hold you when you're feeling low
Baby you should know that I would

Back in my head we were kissing
I thought things were going alright
Reality ruined my life

Feels like I'm constantly playing
A game that I'm destined to lose
Cause I can't compete with your boyfriend
He's got ????


Would he please you?
Would he kiss you?
Would he treat you like I would?
Would he touch you?
Would he need you?
Would he love you like I would?"

"Sure it was a bit rough at some places, and missing parts, but overall it is quite good. My feelings towards Vicky and Harry are all in this song. How I feel is all in this song." I said, and then I crumbled up my lyrics and tossed it into the trash, "I feel much better."

                And with that said I didn't even bother looking back and left the studio. No regrets, no pain, no anger. I felt relieved, like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders.


Next chapter will continue chapter 8, with Harry and Vicky. This chapter was a filler to explain Liams confused feelings. Hoped you liked it :)

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