Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


8. Chapter 8: Job Confusion

Chapter 8: Job Confusion

                It's already been  two weeks since I arrived in London and been dating Harry. We are completely glued together, but that will all change since I just got employed. Which has me wondering what Harry's job is like. He never speaks about it nor do any of the guys.

*Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you*

                Chimed  my phone indicating that Harry was calling, causing me to lose my thoughts, so I answered.

"Hi." I squealed into the phone, "Hey V, what's up?" Harry answered (We haven't established the cute nicknames yet), "Umm, well I got the job!" I nearly shouted into the phone.

"Oh really..." Harry said with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

"What's wrong Haz, I thought you'd be happy for me?" I questioned, "Well I am, but..."he began but never finished. I was beginning to get irritated. "Well I don't complain about your job, which by the way what is it?" I said loudly.

"Well it isn't because you got the job, it's because I'll be missing you. We won't have as much time for each other." Harry whispered into the phone. He was completely avoiding my question about his job, which only annoyed me more. "Why won't you just tell me what your job is!" I shouted into the phone.

"Well I didn't think it was needed." Harry yelled into the phone. What was he hiding, why won't he tell me.

                We stayed silent for awhile , but Harry broke the silence, "V? Are you still there?" he questioned, "Umm, I have to go." I said as I wiped away tears, "But..." he began to protest, but I cut him off, "Bye." and hung up.

                I sat in silence on my bed. It was our first fight and it was over such a foolish thing. Then my phone began to ring once more...

*Tonight will be the night*

                But I threw it against the wall causing it to shatter.

"Shit!" I cursed, I jumped off my bed and assembled my phone, but it was no use. It was dead! Without my phone I was unable to contact anyone, I wouldn't be able to text or call Harry and fix things. "Maybe it was for the best, maybe Harry and I needed time apart." I stated, "Either way we have no choice.". With that said I grabbed the shattered pieces of my phone and threw it into the trash.


"Pick up the dam phone!" I shouted.

"What's wrong Haz?" Liam asked.

"Nothing..." I said, but Liam didn't buy it. "Fine Vicky and I just fought." I said, "Do you wanna know the worst part," I asked and Liam only shrugged, so I continued, "we fought over what my job was.".

"So why don't you tell her?" Liam said, "Why keep it a secret? If Vicky were my girlfriend I would.".

"Well, what if it changes the way she sees me?" I  questioned, confused even more about my decision.

"Well you'll never know if you never try, but you should know that I would." Liam said, and with that said he left.

                I dialed Vicky's number but it didn't answer. I tried again but only got the same result. I couldn't just stay here and work while Vicky and I just had a fight! It's literally driving me insane.

                Before I knew it, I was out the door heading towards her place...

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