Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


7. Chapter 7: Feelings


Chapter 7: Feelings

"You do know that I don't have to go to the washroom." Harry said breaking the awkward silence. "I can't believe you.." he mumbled under his breath, as we headed towards my room. "I kinda guessed that." I said looking at him, but he avoided my eyes and just remained looking at the floor. He looked so pissed!

"Harry, whats up?" I questioned. As I sat on my bed, but he remained standing up.

"I like you... If it wasn't already obvious." he said finally looking at me. "And you had to kiss Liam!".

"It was only a truth or dare kiss, it didn't mean anything." I protested.

"Well it sure looked like more... I had to cough for you two to separate." he nearly spat the words out.

"Harry, that's totally unfair! How was I suppose to know you liked me..." I said in a whisper, as tears began to stream down my face.

"I kissed you! Didn't it mean anything to you... I don't go kissing people for the fun of it." he said. Those words cut me like knifes. I did care for him, more than I excepted myself to care, more than he knew I cared... "Harry..." I began, but got cut off. "Did our kiss mean anything too..." before he could finish I got up and kissed him.

                As I backed away from the kiss, I looked him in the eyes. "More than you know." I whispered and with that said Harry closed the gap between us, as our lips moved as one again. This time it was more passionate and wild, my hands played into his hair as his held my body. I soon felt something hit my back and realised that I was up against the wall. My hands let go of his hair and descended towards the bottom of his shirt, I tugged his shirt and lifted it over his head. Making our lips depart and taking my breath. As soon as his shirt was off our lips met again, and this time Harry began to unbutton my shirt, I let out a little moan as he began to kiss the core of my neck. I could sense the smirk he had on his lips and wanted revenge. So I pushed him away and onto the bed, I took my shirt off, and positioned myself on top of him, allowing our lips to meet again. I began to descend my kisses until I reached his chest. I gave each abs a little peck and returned to Harry' lips. My hands returning to play into his hair. This time Harry let out a little moan. I backed away and gently laughed.

"It's not funny," He said out of breath, and then leaned in to kiss me, but I pushed him back onto the bed. I brought myself inches away from his lips, as we starred at each other passionately. I opened my mouth and whispered, "We better head back before everyone questions where we're at.".

"You know what?" Harry said in a hushed voice, "What?" I questioned him. "Your such a tease!" He said and leaned in and kissed me. And then we both got up and began looking for our tops... I found Harrys' and tossed it towards him, he quickly put it on and moved towards me. "Your hot in a bra," he whispered in my ear as he tossed my hair to one side and began to kiss the core of my neck again.

"Harry, shut up." I whined, but enjoyed the feeling of his lips on my skin. "I need to find my top..." as I said the word 'top' Harry lifted his right hand up and gave me my top. I began to button it up, but Harry stopped me. "Let me do it," He said as he began to button up my shirt. After we were fully dressed I quickly took a glance at myself and arranged my hair.

"Close your eyes," Harry told me, "Why?" I questioned, "Just do it, please." he asked again, "Fine". I felt something fall onto my chest and then heard Harry's voice, "Could you hold your hair upwards?", I grabbed my hair and lifted it up. "There all done." Harry said, "You can open your eyes now.".

                I opened my eyes and directed my view towards my chest. On my chest lay a necklace shaped as a paper airplane. I turned and looked at him in the eyes, "What is this for?" I questioned. "So you don't forget about me and what we have." he said and gave me a peck on the lips. "I'd never forget about you!" I said and gave him a hug.

                As we exited my room, hand in hand, Harry stopped in his tracks. I gave him a questioning look, but all he did was let go of my hand and ruffle his hair and toss it to the side, ah the famous 'Harry hair flip', I thought to myself and laughed. "It's not that famous," he said and took my hand once again as we headed towards the living room, "I gotta stop speaking my mind out!" I said, but all Harry did was kiss me on the cheek, "But it's cute! And it's what made me like you right at the beginning." All I did was blush.

                As we entered the living room everyone glanced at us, how long were we gone, I wondered. But then realised they were mostly looking at us because we were holding hands. Liam' smile faded from his face and seemed hurt.

"Well, you two were gone for awhile." said Zayn with a huge grin plastered on his face, "Is there something you want to tell us," he added, pointing towards our hands entwined together.

                All I did was blush, I didn't know what we were... Were we together or just trying things or just friends with benefits. I hope we were together... Harry was the one to answer, "As you can see we are together." Relief flowed through me... I was HARRY' GIRLFRIEND!

"Congrats," everyone said, except for Liam. He flashed a smile, which was 100% fake. Harry and I positioned ourselves together, snuggling. It felt just so right to be with him, but yet I felt so bad at the same time. I couldn't help but think that I was the reason Liam seemed so hurt. What if he had feelings for me too. What would Harry do?

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