Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


6. Chapter 6: Truth or Dare


Chapter 6: Truth or Dare

                As we all finished eating, we headed towards the living room and sat on the floor, creating a circle.

"So what should we do?" questioned Zayn.

"Do you have board games?" chirped Nialls' voice.

"Nah," as I shook my head in disproval, "Didn't have room to bring them.".

"Well, how long has it been that you live in London?" questioned Liam. "Only about, one day in-half." I said trying to calculate the amount of hours it had been, "make that two days.".

"What only two days!" Louis seemed shocked. I simply nodded my head in approval. After that we went into deep conversation of what I was going to be doing the whole first week in London. "Well you have to visit..." everyone began to say, as they gave me their opinion of what I must see.


"Lets' play truth or dare!" shouted Louis, everyone disapproved, including me. "C'mon lads'... By playing truth or dare we can get to know Vicky better and she can get to know us." after that said everyone agreed, except for me! I never liked the game, and what makes it worse is that I was the only girl... Playing truth and dare with 5 young male adults is the most stupidest thing you can ever do! They're all perverted inside their heads... But me being me, I just gave in. And the Game began.

"Vicky. Truth or Dare?" Louis turned to face me, "Truth!" I said too afraid of what he might do if I were to choose dare. An evil smirk, grew onto his face. Crap, what did I just put myself into... "Which lad do you find more attractive?" As he said the question, all the boys began to flex their muscles and bat their eyes. It was really funny... But I took Louis' question very seriously... As I checked out each guy separately. God it was so hard... I mean they're all so attractive, but right after Liam raised his shirt up to show off his abs'. God he has a six pack... Yum!

"Li..." but before I could finish, my eyes darted their way towards Harry. As he as well raised his shirt. God his sexy body. Then the memory of us kissing flashed back into my head. "Harry." I said giving the other guys an apologetic smile. There was just something about Harry. "Niall truth or dare?" I questioned him. "Dare!" Niall practically screamed the word. What should I make him do... "You have to..." as my eyes scattered the surroundings for something, "Lick the living room window." I said, as he got up and headed towards the window, "Which hasn't been cleaned for I don't know how long." I added. As he looked at me with wide eyes, "If I die... Your to blame." and with that said he stuck out his tongue and licked the window. Right after he ran towards the kitchen and we heard the water begin to leak.

                He came back and positioned himself, "I'll get my revenge..." he said as he stuck out his tongue towards me, "Liam, truth or dare?", Liam seemed into deep thought, probably wondering which to take. "C'mon, it doesn't take that long to choose," Whined Louis, "Dare." Liam said. "Perfect!" Niall said as he turned to face me with a huge smirk on his face... I didn't like where this was heading... "I dare you to kiss Vicky." Niall said. Crap that's what he meant when he said he would get his revenge... "And you can't back down!" he added.

                As Liam got up and headed towards me, he positioned himself beside me. "Sorry," he whispered, so only I could hear him. As he began to lean in, I closed my eyes. His lips brushed mine and not long after were on mine. His kiss was different from Harry', it was more rough, but a good rough.

                Someone coughed, making Liam and I depart, as I opened my eyes I realised it was Harry who had coughed and he looked pissed.


"I dare you to kiss Vicky." Niall said.

                Okay, I thought to myself. I mean I was single and so was Vicky, and to be honest Vicky was hot. So it didn't really bother me. As I got up and seated myself beside her, she looked completely scared. "Sorry," I whispered so only she could here. As I began to lean in I let my lips brush hers, just teasing a bit, but quickly closed the gap, between me and her. Her lips were so soft and gentle. I got lost into them as our mouths moved as one.

                Someone coughed making Vicky and I depart, I quickly regained my breath. The kiss lasted longer than it was suppose to. My head was still spinning as I returned to my seat... All I wanted to do was go back and kiss her even more. Did I developed feelings towards Vicky?

                "I'm coming back, I'm just going to use the washroom." Harry said, he sounded pissed. What was up with that? "I'll show you the way." Vicky' voice said, making my head spin even more. As she got up and headed towards Harry.

"Well that back fired." Niall stated nudging me, as Vicky and Harry were out of sight. "So Liam.." Louis' voice began to say, "You and Vicky?" he questioned me looking at my every movement.

"Were just friends." I said, but the words killed me deep down. I wanted to be more than friends with her. I just wanted to kiss her again.

"Yeah... 'JUST FRIENDS'.'." Zayn said mimicking me, but putting out the 'JUST FRIENDS' part. God that word killed me so much. I wonder if Vicky felt the same way... I mean the kiss felt just so right!

                Everyone burst out into laughter except for me. IT WASN'T FUNNY!

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