Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


4. Chapter 4: The death


Chapter 4: The death

                It was now dark outside and Harry and I were walking towards my flat, he thought it wasn't safe for me to walk alone so he offered to accompany me. The walk was pretty quiet, but it felt good. As we arrived in front of my door, I turned to face him. "Thanks for walking me." I said.

"The pleasure was all mine," he said grabbing hold of my hand and placing his soft lips on them, "Till next time!" As he began to walk away, I quickly grabbed hold of his arm.

"Please don't leave me," I said, I was afraid we would never see each other again, "I don't want to be alone tonight," I whispered, as I dug my face into his back. He turned over and we fell into a hug. "I'll stay," he whispered into my hair.

                As I unlocked the door and allowed Harry to enter my flat, I switched all the lights on. Crap... The flat was still a mess. "Um, sorry for the mess, I just got in yesterday." I gave him an apologetic smile. "Nah, it's fine," he said, "It feels more like home,".

                We headed towards the living room and sat on the couch. "So why don't you tell me about your mother," Harry said breaking the silence.

"It happened exactly a year ago..." I began,


"Vicky for the tenth time, could you please put your seat belt, it's slippery outside, you never know what may happen." my mom said, waiting for the light to turn green, she sounded completely annoyed that I wasn't listening. The light changed and she began to proceed, but right at that moment a car was heading towards my mothers' side.

"Mom, watch..." but before I could finish everything became black.


"Get my daughter... Get my daughter." whispered my moms' voice.

"But madam, your..." came an unusual voice.

"Get my daughter.." she repeated...

"Mom," I said as I slightly opened my eyes. Everything was spinning and there was flashing lights everywhere. People were standing on the side walk starring, as the police man tried to push them back and away from the road. I soon realised strong hands grabbing hold of me, pain filled my body, as they continued to drag my body out of the car and on to the gurney. Everything became blurry soon after.


'beep... beep... beep..'

The noise woke me up, but I couldn't see anything... Everything was dark, I heard peoples voices in the back of my head, so I listened... "Where's her father? Does he even know that his daughter has been into an accident?" the strangers voice rang through me... "We tried to reach him, but no one answered." explained someone else, "We've left plenty of messages, but he has never called back or visited.", "But who will take care of Vicky," said another voice.

"My mother," I said, hating the fact that they were talking about me like I had no say in anything... But no one said anything, and continued on talking to each other, "My mother," I repeated, but nothing changed... "MY MOTHER," I shouted, but it didn't change anything, no one could hear me!

"Poor girl she is in concussion, she doesn't even know about the news..."said someone as they began to cry. What news... I began questioning myself. And how did I get into a concussion? Everything didn't make any sense, everything was blank! I didn't have any answers... "Who's gonna tell her the news," came a masculine voice, "How can you tell someone they lost their mother..." began another voice, but quickly drifted off into tears. WHAT?!

'beep ,beep, beep, beep, beep, beep' my heart beat began to quicken. LOST my mother. Can't be, she was too young to die... They are probably talking about someone else, cause my mother would be there when I get married, then have grand children and even maybe be there when my children have their children. Then and only THEN she would be allowed to past away, after living her life to the fullest! "Poor Vicky..." and everyone began to cry. No it couldn't have happened! WHY? "Tell me it's all a lie... Tell me it's all a lie..." I began to shout.

"TELL ME IT'S ALL A LIE!" I screamed as my eyes finally opened and I was hit with the shinning like of the hospital ceiling.

" Vicky," everyone gasped in shock. "Tell me it's all a lie," rage filled every inch of me, "Where is my mother...!" I screamed trying to move, but soon realised I was too weak. "Vicky," the doctors voice came in, "I'm sorry but...", "No! It can't be true... she didn't deserve to die!" I screamed at the doctor, "How could you let her die?" I questioned him.

"She never reached the hospital," was all the doctor could say. Shock grow within me... "How did she die?" I asked with tears flowing down my face and my voice turned into a whisper. "Apparently, she told the ambulance people to get you out first, so they listened, and as they dragged you out and onto the gurney and boarded  you on the ambulance they quickly returned towards your mother, but before reaching her..." he took a pause, "The car blew up in flames and they couldn't reach her in time.".

                She died because of me, I'm the reason that she died... I was suppose to die, but she took my place... WHY! "Did she... die in..." I asked as my voice cracked, "Was she still alive before the car blew up in flames?" No one answered me they were all starring at each other and crying the doctor was the one to speak, "I think you should rest a bit, and when you get stronger we will tell you the whole story.", "No! Tell me now! I WANT TO NOW IF HER DEATH WAS PAINFUL!" Why were they avoiding the question. "I'm sorry..." the doctor began to say, but got cut off quickly by a man entering the room.

"She has the right to know." He said, "I'm Kevin, I was the one that pulled you out of the car, the night of the accident. Your mother was badly injured... So we went to get her out first, but she insisted that we get you first." The memory of my mother saying, 'get my daughter' played in my head, as more tears spilled out of my eyes. "We wanted to protest, but she protested back. So we did as she told us. Once you were in the ambulance we rushed back, but before we could reach the car blew up in flames." he took a pause, "Your mother probably died a very painful death... She was still alive when the car blew up and we tried to reach her..." tears began to stream down his face, "She yield for a couple of minutes, but after everything went quiet and the flames died." he looked at me as I gasped for air and continued crying my guts out, "Whatever anyone tells you, just know that your mother is a hero!" he said, I shook my head in approval, "She knew what was going to happen, but she wanted you to survive... So don't take pity on yourself and live your life to the fullest." He starred at me, "And your mom shouted one last thing before the car blew up in flames..." he paused as I tried to look at him, "'Tell my Vicky I love her'." And with that said I buried my face into the hospital pillow and cried for what seemed like ages.


                Harry whipped away the tears from his eyes, "I'm sorry," as he said that, he placed his hand on my face and whipped away the tears that keep streaming down my cheeks. I looked up at him, "Your the first person I ever opened my heart up too, since that day. I'm glad to have you in my life.... You're a great friend." With that said Harry leaned in and hugged me tightly, "I'm never gonna let anyone hurt you ever again." he whispered.


                I whipped away the tears that built up in my eyes, "I'm sorry," was all that I could say. As I said the words, Vicky lifted her perfect face up, I placed my hand and whipped away the tears, I wish I could whip away all the pain as well, " Your the first person I ever opened my heart up too, since that day. I'm glad to have you in my life." As she said that, my heart began to race, I was about to lean in and kiss her, hopping the kiss would change everything and allow her to be happy, but her voice rang through my head, "You're a great friend." Ah, the words that kill thousands of guys, including myself. JUST FRIENDS. So I did the next best thing. I leaned in and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go, god all I wanted to do was kiss her so badly. But what she needed was a friend at that  moment, so that's what I was going to be. A friend,  " I'm never gonna let anyone hurt you ever again." I whispered into her hair.

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