Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


3. Chapter 3: Average


Chapter 3: Average

                Harry and I headed back towards the table, as we reached it I quickly checked out each guy sitting there. Were these guys really Harrys' friends? I mean they were all good looking, exactly like Harry himself!

"Hi I'm Niall," as he waved friendly towards me. He was cute... Irish accent, BLUE eyes (to die for), average height, dirty blond hair and a adorable smile to top everything off... Just your typical average high school crush if you ask me... Then he began to laugh... My ears enjoyed the sound, his laugh was so gentle and funny, it ringed like porn in my ears... Random reference!

                Shortly after Harry nudge him and gave him a glare. Weird... "I'm Liam, pleasure to meet you..." he questioned, "Vicky," I filled in the blank, "pleasure to meet you Vicky." as he shook my hand. He was more mature than Niall that's for sure. Liam had big brown puppy eyes (if you ask me), with bushy eyebrows, but it completed him (without those bushy brows his face would look naked), he also had the hairstyle like... what's his name already... OH YEAH, Justin Bieber. Liam was taller than Niall and more muscular, your average University crush (I think).

                Harry shared a glare with Liam and just shrugged. "Vas' Happening'... I'm Zayn." he waved at me. Zayn... hmm, nice name! He had to die for facial bone structure, and brown eyes like Liam, but not puppy dog eyes, he had those eyes where you can just get lost into by starring at them. Vicky snap out of it!! I mentally hit myself... His skin tone was different than the others, but who cares, I'm not raciest, and anyways it suit him perfectly. He looked a bit taller than Niall, but not by much, and his voice was to die for... My average to drool for boy on the street.

                Zayn began to smirk like crazy... What's wrong with him? Maybe that's him being his usual... Harry smacked him on the arm, but before Zayn could whine, the last remaining unknown boy lifted up and gave me a hug, "I'm LOUIS," he shouted into my ears. He was funny! Louis... hmm, that name suits him 100%. As he backed away, I realised what he was wearing... Red jeans with a white t-shirt with black stripes. He looked like a sailor, all he was missing was his boat. HA!

"Told you, you look like a sailor.." all the guys said at the same time, bursting into laughter. I quickly joined in, it's like if they read my mind... Crap!

"Have I been speaking the whole time?" I questioned, looking at all of them.

"You guys', she didn't even finish me..." Whined Louis, "I wanted to know what she thought about me, well my appearance , anyways.. you ruined it!".

"Harry... Why didn't you stop me!" as I glared at him, all he did was rise his hands in defeat... I was beginning to wonder if I choose the right person to open up to... Nahhh, who am I kidding. Harry was perfect.

"Hey that's unfair, we are all average, while Harry is perfect... I want a re-judgement!" chimed Nialls' voice,  while he pouted, but quickly went into laughter not long after.

"Sorry... lads, but you don't have this.." while saying that Harry ruffled his hair and tossed it over to the side. HOT!!!! 1000% percent hot!


                Hearing the noise we all shifted our attention towards it. The employee had dropped a mug and it had shattered into pieces and she was picking it up... All the boyz' shoot a gaze  at Harry... "See what you do to girls," Louis said shaking his head in disproval , "You killer, you're a mugs worst nightmare." After that random statement we all burst out into laughter...

"Excuse me would you like refills," came the employees voice. Louis, Harry and I nodded our heads, within seconds she came back with coffee and hot chocolate. She poured Louis' coffee first giving him a smile and him returning it, then headed towards Harry. As she was pouring the coffee into Harrys' cup, he winked at her, causing her to get distracted and spilling some coffee on the table. Poor girl, but it was quite funny, so I laughed quietly to myself, but she lifted up her gaze at me and glared. GREAT... What did I do? As she moved towards me with the hot chocolate, she began to pour the liquid into my cup, "Bitch.." she muttered under her breath so only I could comprehend. And right after she spilled Hot chocolate all over me. And I'm the Bitch?? I'm confused!

"OMG... I'm so sorry," she faked an apologetic smile. Right at that moment I stood up and glared at her raising my hand preparing myself to smack her silly...


"Mommy..." I cried as I entered my house.

"What wrong honey?"she questioned as she wrapped me into her safe solid arms. "Tell me everything.".

"He poured salt into my hair again!" I said rage flowing through me. "I'm going to go beat the 'C' word out of him." I stated, heading towards the door.

"Don't stoop to their level... Your better than that, show them that it doesn't bother you and they'll leave you alone." she reassured me. She always knew how to cool me down."They're just jealous..".


"Don't stoop to her level... She's just jealous." came Harrys' voice, and with that I put my hand down and departed towards the washrooms. Harry followed behind me.

"Thanks," I whispered, as I turned on the tab of water and began rubbing the hot chocolate off. It didn't change anything the stain was still there, and plus it was one of my favourite shirts. "Here," came Harrys' voice, I turned the water off and faced him. He lifted his Hoodie over his head. Slow motion: As he began to tug his hoodie upwards, his t-shirt underneath followed. Showing off the sexy features of Harrys' BODY. Damn the guy had a sex pack... ummm, I mean a SIX pack. "Stop drooling." Harry said snapping me out of my slow motion replay. I put the hoodie over my head, and then placed my hair, "It suits you better." he said, making me blush.

 "So you never judged me... what do you like about me?" he said ruining the cute moment we just had...

"You're AVERAGE!" I said, walking pass him and joining the rest of the new gang.

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