Save You Tonight'

After the lost of her mother, Vicky decides to move to London to start fresh. With the help of friends Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis, she learns to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest. But on that journey feelings get tangled up and so do their friendships... What will happen when more than one of them fall in love with her? Which one will she choose?


2. Chapter 2: 'Cute'


Chapter 2: 'Cute'

                As I entered the Starbucks cafe, I directed myself towards the back, like Harry told me to do last night. I decided to take a table with a bench and placed his suitcase beside me. I glanced at the time... I was 15 minutes early... So I decided to get myself a drink while I waited.

                I patiently waited in line until it was my turn... What did I feel like having? "Um, I'd like to have the 'White Hot Chocolate'." i said reading the name from the menu.

"That'll make..." the lady said, as I gave her the money, "What name do we put it under?" she questioned me.

"Vicky." I simply replied, as she motioned me to wait on her left as she took the guys order.

"So do you want us to put it under the name Harry Styles or Mr. Styles or..." she questioned, but the  guy cut her off. He simply said, "Harry." she squealed in excitement as she dashed off to go make his drink. Was that the same Harry I was meeting up with? Before realising that she completely skipped me...

"Um, excuse me, but I was here first." I stated, giving the guy an apologetic smile. The girl turned towards me and gave me a death glare. What's her problem, "Here's your drink... Vicky." she snarled at me and nearly tossing me the hot beverage.

"Um, excuse me, but are you Vicky  James?" questioned the guy.

"Yes I am. I don't suppose your Harry?" I questioned. He nodded his head in approval and we headed towards the table I saved, together. On the journey towards the table I glanced my head towards the girl working, she just stood there looking pissed as ever, what's up with that?

"I'm very sorry to have taken your suitcase by error..." Harry began, but I cut him off, while we took our seats."What's up with that girl? I mean it looks as if she would volunteer to  kill me... Did I do something wrong?" I questioned him. He only shook his head in disproval.

"It's not that you did something. She's just jealous..." He stated, "Just ignore it." he said flashing me a smile. I nodded. So is she your ex-girlfriend? I questioned myself, "No, I don't even know her." he said laughing. Crap did I just say that out loud... "Yup!"

"Sorry I don't have much control over my mouth sometimes..." I explained, embarrassed about what just happened.

"That's alright... It's cute." Harry said nudging my arm. Did he just say I'm cute...?

                Tears began to fill my eyes, "Umm, I'll be right back I need to go... to the ladies room." and before he had time to reply I dashed off into the restrooms. The tears were flowing down my face...


"Honey, be completely honest... What do you think about Ted?" mom asked.

                 I couldn't tell her that I hated him, I mean for once she looked so happy, I mean ever since Dad left her for that hooker he met at a  bar. But I kept asking myself why I disliked him so much. Now I remember... He always lies to her. He tells her that he doesn't do drugs, but yet I catch him each time. He tells her that he doesn't cheat, but yet I already caught him. He tells her that he loves her, but I've already heard him say that word to plenty of people, it probably doesn't even mean anything for him, it's a way for him to get into their pants! Even with all these faults, I couldn't be the one to crush her little rainbow world in her head. She was finally happy again... Whether or not the person causing this happiness was a complete dick or not. I wouldn't tell her, she deserved happiness too. The truth will come out when it's meant to, but one thing for sure was that I wasn't going to tell! That I swear.

"Honey..." my moms' voice brought me back to reality, "Why didn't you tell me?" WHAT? tell her what? "I know everything..." she said, but she didn't seem sad, "And I do not live in 'rainbow world'!" she said laughing and nudging me."Crap!" I let out, "Watch your language. you know I don't like the word 'crap'." she said becoming 100% serious.

"Why do I always say, what I say in my head out loud!" I whined...

"Honey, you take that from your father, but it's cute." she replied giving me a hug.

"What's cute about saying what you truly want to say?" I questioned.

"The fact that you say what you truly think and you don't keep secrets, because secrets are a disaster in relationships, take Ted and I as an example. Keep that in mind and you'll always know that your cute when you speak your mind out." Her wise words registered through my head, "Any guy would kill to be with someone like you."


"Vicky, are you alright?" Harry questioned, "you've been in there quite long?" he seemed worried. "Is it because of your mother?" Crap, he knew! "I don't know much, all I know is that you have a urn in your suitcase written 'Best mother in the world... Rest in Peace'. Please talk to me." he pleaded... A decided to open the door, as well as open my heart to someone, like I said before it's a new beginning, some changes have to be done. And as I did, Harry was standing in front blocking the door way. He leaned in and gave me a hug. "You're not alone!" was the last words he said. Before changing the mood completely!

 "Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I invited some friends to join us." He said shooting me an apologetic smile, "Well they invited themselves, technically." he said laughing at the memory probably. "They're waiting at the table." Great I was about to meet Harrys' friends with puffy eyes and a tear stained face... Really Harry, REALLY! Maybe I shouldn't have opened that door after all... But what is done is done!

"How do I look?" I questioned, completely in-secured . "Human," was Harrys' answer!


What do you think about Harry telling her she looks 'HUMAN'... cute, weird, romantic, stupid... tell me :)

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