Just an Ordinary Girl

Hi! I'm Leilani. I'm just a regular girl who lives in Hawaii. Good student, popular, president of school, that kind of girl. Of course, with a love for One Direction! Who ever knew that this turn would come up in the road. ~~~~

My first Movellas! Hope you like. Just to let you know, I won't have that much time to update, but I will try. And I'm not a very good writer. Still, hope you enjoy!!!:3


7. Chapter 6

Niall POV
Mmmm. That smells sooo good! I walk up to Lei and slide my arms around her waist. I feel her shiver against my touch. Babe, can I talk to you for a sec?

I start to worry. What is he gonna say? K. Lemme just start the next bag.

Niall POV
She turns around and looks straight into my eyes. I cant help.but get lost in her chocolate brown eyes. Ummm, I think that you are really special and beautiful and smart and I wanna know if you wanna be my princess. I take a deep breath and wait.

My eyes start shining with happiness. I squeal and give him a big hug with a kiss on the cheek. That would be amazing babe. You are the most amazing guy I have ever met. This is truly a dream come true!

Niall POV
I saw the sparkle in her eyes and knew what was coming. She was so happy. Why was I ever worrying? I helped her finish the popcorn, kissed her forehead, then walked out of the kitchen hand in hand with the popcorn. I knew I was the luckiest and happiest guy in the world at the moment.

General POV
The gang had watched about 3 three movies when Lei checked the time. It was 12:48! She told everyone goodnight, got ready for bed, then went to sleep. Slowly, the living room cleared. No one knew of Leilani and Nialk yet. The two were worried about what the others would think, but were able to sleep well.

Hey babes! I knew I said I couldnt do another chapter tonight, but Im doing this on my phone so it wont be as good as the norm. Sorry. I wanted you to have another chapter tho. Well, love you guys, and please enter the contest! Night!:D

P.S. Sorry a bout the mega shortness. I just wanted to get this overwith!
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