Just an Ordinary Girl

Hi! I'm Leilani. I'm just a regular girl who lives in Hawaii. Good student, popular, president of school, that kind of girl. Of course, with a love for One Direction! Who ever knew that this turn would come up in the road. ~~~~

My first Movellas! Hope you like. Just to let you know, I won't have that much time to update, but I will try. And I'm not a very good writer. Still, hope you enjoy!!!:3


4. Chapter 3

Joy and I wake up and stretch! We suddenly look at each other and squeal. Today is Friday, the day of the concert!!! Ahhhhhh! My parents are downstairs with breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs for us since they know this is a big day for us. We have packed, unpacked, and repacked about two hundred times each. And this day couldn't have started better. After eating comes washing our faces, then applying our makeup. The everyday face for me is primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bit of blush, brow shadow, and mascara. It may seem like a lot, but I'm used to it. Joy just does her signature of powder, eyeliner rimming the eye, and mascara. She is so lucky to be blessed with perfect skin. But she claims that she is ugly. WHATEVER!! Anyways, my parents yell to us that they are leaving to go to work. Fine with us. We do our hair, pick out our outfits for school, get our school bags together, then jump into my Leaf. Since it is an electric car, I just unplug it from my charger then drive with a full battery.


When we get to school, a bigger crowd than usual awaits us when we enter the building. Everyone wants to talk about the concert. I know they are excited, but we won about four days ago. It is kinda old by now. Still, we are the talk of the school. I love that my school barely spreads any hate. If any even starts, it is quickly diminished to nothing. Everyone is just so supportive of us and tells us to fill them all in when we get back. That also reminds me that we will be missing a month of school. Luckily, Joy and I have already taken all the tests and turned in all the work that is going to be covered. You can do a lot in four days. We were already ahead in every class normally anyways. Joy and I sneak a peek at the clock every five minutes.




YAY! School is done! Everyone clears a way for Joy and I to speedily get to the parking lot. Being popular definitely has its perks. We hop home to get ready for the concert. We go full out: First, we both hop into the showers and make sure everything is squeaky clean, including our face, bodies, and hair. Shampoo and condition twice, wash face and exfoliate, and lather body twice. All done! Onto hair. For now, I just blow-dry our hair to make it all dry and flowy then brush it out. Next, makeup. I just do primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, pink lip gloss, and fill in my brows for now. Next, my outfit. I pull on a cheetah print top that says DANCE in pink. Next go black skinnies. Then pink bangles and then a black purse filled with all I need is set on my bed awaiting to be slung onto my shoulder. Next, I decide to do a regular eye makeup with neutrals. Then comes the eyeliner and mascara and then my perfect makeup is finished. Lastly, I tackle my straight hair. I curl my hair then put it up into a pony tail with a little bump. All done! I put my black vans by the door to await my feet then load the rest of my makeup into my bags that I'm bringing on my stay. http://www.polyvore.com/just_an_ordinary_girl_chapter/set?id=65000700


Meanwhile, Joy was getting ready in her room. Basically, she stays over so much that she has some things in my sister's room that she uses. Now that my sister has gone to college, her room is now practically Joy's room. So after her shower, she jumps out and immediately blow-dries then curls the bottom hair of her long hair. She has a plan in mind. Since she didn't mind showing some skin and she still looked good and not slutty with it, she pulled on a cheetah bustier and blue skinnies. Brown bangles were pulled onto her wrist, then cheetah vans were put by the door. Lastly was makeup. She wanted to make sure she was super flawless so she put on primer, foundation, powder, blush, pink gloss, and then a black smokey eye with fake lashes and black eyeliner. She is so lucky she can pull that off. http://www.polyvore.com/just_an_ordinary_girl_chapter/set?id=65001268

We checked the time and saw that it was already four and the concert started at 6:30. Since we had to be there two hours earlier and Blaisdell Center was fifteen minutes away, we hopped into the car to not be late because of traffic. We got there at 4:25 and hurried to the first security guard we saw. We said stupidly to him, "I like toast!" and he led us to a door labeled BACKSTAGE and opened it up for us whilst chuckling. There were people running all around so we asked where the contest winners were supposed to go. They led us to a lounging room with a flat screen TV, mini fridge, and plush couches and chairs surrounding a cute coffee table. It was really comfy so Joy and I settled in and started talking and giggling. Suddenly, we heard loud chatter and chuckling outside. The door burst open and in front of us stood One Direction. All of our mouths were agape with shock and wonder.


Us girls started blushing madly and simultaneously looked at each other. Harry, being the naughty boy he was, looked both of us up and down slowly out in the open with a smirk on his face. Joy bluntly said, "Harry, we know that you are undressing us in your mind and would like you to stop. We would love to be treated with respect even though you are a famous boy band and we are contest winners. We have some dignity, you know!" Niall started laughing loudly and had an adorable giggle fit right in front of us while Harry had a shocked look on his face. "Never thought a girl, much less a fan, would ever talk to you like that, huh Harry? What a great wake up call for you!" I smirked. "Well, I'm glad to see that our winners have some sass to them. And they aren't screaming in our faces, which is another plus. What are your names, loves?" Louis pondered. "I'm Joy, and this is Leilani." Joy spoke.


Niall's POV

Wow! Those are beautiful names, I thought. Leilani said, "Why thank you." Ohmigosh! Did I just say that out loud? Argh! "What does 'Leilani' mean?" She said it means 'heavenly flower.' (True shiz) "That is so beautiful." I smiled. Louis said that we should all get to know each other better. I thought it was a great idea. So, us boys started to ask the girls questions.


No one's POV


(Q-Questions, A-Answer, J-Joy, L-Leilani)

Q: How do you girls know each other?

A: L: We have known each other since we were two. Our moms have been good friends forever. We took Confirmation together and everything. J: Yes, we are Christians.

Q: Are you single?

A: J: Yes we are. Lei has never had a boyfriend, but I have a couple exes. L: More like a lot! This girl is an eye-catcher everywhere! And thanks for putting my info out there! (note the sarcasm) J: No problem, hon.

Q: Favorite colors?

A: J & L: PURPLE!!!:)

Q: Favorite member of the band?

A: L: That is a secret between us. J: Not even her sister knows. Lei and her are also really close!

Q: Any pets?

A: J: I have two dogs. A girl named Pua and a boy named Ele. L: And I have a Japanese Chin Pomeranian/Pomeranian named Hachi.


(If you have any more questions you want me to answer, just comment below. All of these answers are true except for how Joy and I met. We have known each other for a long time, but we don't know exactly when it started.)


They asked a few more questions then had to be called to prep for the concert. Joy and I hung out in the lounge room until they called for us, also. We went to the front row seats reserved for us, and watched the concert. It was great, and we had a lot of fun. After the concert was done, Joy and I retreated to backstage and met the sweaty and pumped up boys. We decided to get everything together and get out of there, so the guys wrote down the address to their penthouse and told us to meet them there in an hour. Joy and I decided to get a little snack before we went on our way so that the boys could get there before us.



Hi again. I hope you are liking the movellas so far. I finally put One Direction in! Also, I tried to make a longer chapter. I hope it is better. I'm warming up to the story. As you can see, I tried to put in a POV, but I just don't like writing like that so I switched back to my original way of writing. I really want to see what you guys think, so PLEASE put down comments. I would love to see constructive criticism so I can do better next time. Tell me what I am doing write and what I am doing wrong. I love you guys. Don't forget to favorite and like and possibly become a fan? Thanks! See ya later!



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