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Hi! I'm Leilani. I'm just a regular girl who lives in Hawaii. Good student, popular, president of school, that kind of girl. Of course, with a love for One Direction! Who ever knew that this turn would come up in the road. ~~~~

My first Movellas! Hope you like. Just to let you know, I won't have that much time to update, but I will try. And I'm not a very good writer. Still, hope you enjoy!!!:3


17. Chapter 14

Ello loves <3 it's lauryn, wasssup? this is a chapter, but I just wanted to say hi to you guys (: okay, now back to the story.

Lei's P.O.V

I woke up and looked around the room. It was so peaceful and calming. I rolled off the bed and walked into the hallway. It was completely silent in the house. I went back into the room and grabbed my phone of the charger and Niall had texted me and said that he and the guys are going to the beach today; and that he wants me to come. I texted him back and he said that they were on their way back to the house, I wonder where they had went. I changed into my swim suit. It was just a plain white swimsuit, that looked good against my tan skin. I slid shorts and a tank top on and grabbed my beach bag. I went back into the living-room to wait for Niall and the guys. A few moments later I heard a car honk from outside. I quickly got off the couch and went outside. I climbed into the jeep and everyone was there. Joy, Zayn, Liam, Laney, Niall, Eleanor, Louis, Harry and a girl I didn't recongnize. She had shoulder length, red hair and freckles. She had beautiful green eyes, just like Harry. I wonder if they were together.

We got to the beach and everyone piled out of the jeep. Niall and Liam were carrying the cooler as we all found a spot in the sand. We settled on a place closer to the water. All the boys had their sunglasses on, in hopes they wouldn't be recongnized. Niall came over to me and pulled me into a hug. He leaned down and gently kissed me on the lips.

"Sorry I missed you this morning." He smiled.

"It's fine." I blushed.

"Why don't we go for a swim?" He tugged my hand and pulled me towards the water with him.

Lauryn's P.O.V

I wonder why none of the girls were talking to me...Did they not want to get to know me?

I wonder when and IF I'm going to tell Harry I have a boyfriend. He keeps flirting with me and trying to kiss me. I want to be loyal to Alex, but Harry makes it so damn hard.

"Wanna go somewhere and talk?" Harrys raspy voice said into my ear.

"S-sure." I hesitated.

We walked up to the cemented area and Harry started:

"Do you like me?"

"Of course!" I laughed.

"No, I mean, like, like me?" We haulted our walking and Harry stood in front of me.

"I've only known you for like, a week Harry." I was looking down at my hands.

"Don't tell me you don't feel anything when we talk. I know you do, I can tell." He grabbed my hand.

I'm in such a love triangle right now, it's not fair!

"I do, but I don't know what kind of feelings they are though, I'm confused." I mumbled.

"Well, let me clarify them for you." I felt his hand cup my chin and pull me up to him for a kiss. Our lips softly touched and I pulled away.

"I can't do this." I ran back to the group and got my things. I ran to the entrance and called my friend Kelsey to come pick me up. She was there in no time. I climbed into her car and we drove off. I turned around to see Harry standing there, alone. I felt terrible.

Harry's P.O.V

What the hell just happened? I poured my heart out to her and she left? How does that work? I like her, I really do.

I walked back to the group and they were all chatting and having a good time. I sat down and my head fell into my hands.

"What's wrong, mate?" Zayn asked, his arm wrapped around Laney.

"Nothing. I'm fine." I said dully.

"No you aren't." Louis said.

"I said I'm fine!" I spat. I got up and walked off. I needed to blow off steam, but I was in a public area and I couldn't have fans thinking I was crazy. Well, I was. But I was only crazy for Lauryn.

I calmed myself down and walked back to the group. They were all packing up. I looked at my watch and it was only 3. 

"Come on, we're leaving." Lei said to me.

"Alright." I pulled my t-shirt on and rolled up my towel. We all piled back into the jepp and Eleanor spoke up.

"Where's the red-head?"

"She left." I replied, looking out the window.

"Where?" Laney laughed. "She didn't have a ride, so she's walking?"

"This isn't the time to be joking around." I said boldly.

"What happened, Harry?" Liam asked.

"I told her how I felt and she left. She just left." I said motionless.

"I'm sorry about that, she'll come around, She was probably over-whelmed with feelings." Zayn said.

The rest of the car ride was silent. I could tell no one wanted to say anything because they knew I was on the verge of losing it. Niall pulled into the driveway and everyone filed into the house. We all settled down and I sat on the couch, staring at Lauryn's contact, wanting to call it so bad to see why she left so fast.

"Just give her some time." Louis sat down next to me.

"I don't want to wait. I want her now." I whined.

"Dude, you sound like a little girl. Wait for her to call you."

Joy's P.O.V

Harry was not okay. This girl had only been in his life for a week, and already had him like puddy in her hands. He was crazy for her. I wonder what was wrong with her? I mean, I love Zayn and all, but what girl would really reject Harry Styles? Like, was she in her right mind? She needed to come around soon, because I'm pretty sure not everyone would want to be walking on eggshells around Harry because he's angry about her rejecting him. Harry walked out of his room and he looked really nice.

"Where you going?" Zayn asked Harry.

"Out." He said dully.

We all shared looks and Lei spoke up.

"Harry, I don't think that's a good idea."

"Me niether." Laney said.

"I will do whatever the fuck I want!" Harry yelled and slammed the door behind him. Man, he was definately NOT okay.

"She's really got a grip on him." I said.

"Yeah." Everyone said at once.

The room got silent and Liam put on a movie. We had watched like four when the front door opened...

Lei's P.O.V

At the end of our fifth movie the front door opened and Harry walked in with a broad on his side. He looked a little tipsy, but she was fully blown. He noticed us all watching him and he showed her to his room and came back down the stairs.

"Sorry, for-for yelling at you guys...earlier." He slurred.

"Harry, that's not a good idea." Louis pointed to Harrys bedroom.

"Whatever, I need to get my mind off Lauryn." He stumbled back up to his bedroom. There was a knock on the door and Harry stopped. He turned to us and his lips parted.

"Mind getting that? I've got buisness to handle." He winked and closed his bedroom door behind him. 

I got up and walked over to the door and opened it. A short red-head with freckles and green eyes stood in front of me.

"Lauryn?" I questioned.

Lauryn's P.O.V

I had given it very intense thought. I loved Alex, but I really liked Harry I mean, Alex and Harry would never see the daylights of eachother, so why couldn't I have both? When Harry kissed me, I felt something in the pit of my stomach that I had never felt before. I decided to give Harry a chance. I got in my car and drove over to his house. I got out of my car and hesitantly walked up the drive. I gently knocked on the door and a girl, I think her name was Lei, opened the door.

"Lauryn?" She said, like she was happy to see me.

"Yeah." I said quietly. She pulled me into the house and her face flodded with worry.

"What?" I questioned when everyone shuffled into the foyer.

"It's Harry." Niall said, walking over to Lei and holding her hand.

"What about him?" I felt my heart fall into my stomach.

"He's...with someone." Louis said slowly.

"What do you mean?" I stood there motionless.

"He means exactly what he said. Harry's with someone." Joy said.

Everyone's eyes were on me as I headed over to the stair case.

"His room is the second door to the left." Liam said.

I hesitantly ascended up the stairs. I looked to the left and the door was slightly cracked. I walked over to it and listened. I didn't hear anything, so I prepaired for the worst.

"Harry." I gently knocked on the door.

"I'm busy!" He yelled.

"It's Lauryn." I said quietly, not sure he would've heard me.

A few seconds later, a shirtless Harry swung the door open and peered down at me.

"What are you doing here Lauryn?" He pushed me further into the hallway and closed the door behind him.

"I came back for you." I looked up into his eyes.

He pulled me into a hug. He leaned down and kissed the top of my head. I think the entire 'forbidden lust' thing is why I want Harry. I could have both of these wonderful men in my life and niether of them had to know. 

"Wait here." He informed me. He turned and walked back into the room. I heard a few muffled noises come from onside the room and a very, very, drunk woman, about 30 walked out of the room, poorly dressed. She glared at me and walked down the stairs and out of the house. I heard a few 'YES'S!' come from downstairs and I smiled.

"Come on in." Harry said from inside the room. I could tell he had been drinking. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me.

"Need some clothes?" He smiled at me.

"Yeah." I said quietly

He got up from the bed and walked over to his dresser. He pulled out a white t-shirt and black shorts for me. I got up and took them from him.

"You can change here, if you like." He winked at me.

"No." I smiled and walked into the bathroom. I changed into his clothes and walked out of the bathroom, I sat my clothes down on the chair and Harry's voice stopped me in my tracks.

"You look good in my clothes." He chuckled.

"Well, thanks. Shall I model for you?" I laughed.

"Of course!" He smiled cheekily.

"But sadly, I'm not going to." I slid into his bed and cuddled up to the blankets. I felt Harry shifting in the bed and he slid his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. This was great. 2 for 1. Two guys and me. I felt naughty.

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