Just an Ordinary Girl

Hi! I'm Leilani. I'm just a regular girl who lives in Hawaii. Good student, popular, president of school, that kind of girl. Of course, with a love for One Direction! Who ever knew that this turn would come up in the road. ~~~~

My first Movellas! Hope you like. Just to let you know, I won't have that much time to update, but I will try. And I'm not a very good writer. Still, hope you enjoy!!!:3


15. Chapter 13

Simon's POV

These girls were good. Like, really good. After the first note I was sure of it. After they finished singing "Titanium," everyone was clapping for the girls. When they took off their blindfolds, they were astonished. I guess they were pretty happy. Anyways, these girls have the faces and the voices. Since all the boys love them, I'm sure they have the personalities, too. So, I pull out the paperwork needed, and have them read and sign all the appropriate places. As I glance at them, their faces are dazed. After all the work is done, I congratulate them and go on my way. The boys had paid for the ticket here and back, but I now have work to take care of.


Lei's POV

OMG! Those boys are sooo tricky! This has all flashed by so fast! I can't believe we just signed onto Syco! This is just a crazy dream! But by looking at the boy's faces, I can tell that this is reality. I run up to Niall and jump into his arms. He spins me around, and I finally feel content. With all that has happened in my life before, I know that God has helped me find where I belong. Though, I'm not ready to tell the boys about my past yet.


Joy's POV

Wow! This is an awesome feeling. Leilani jumps into Niall's arms, and I have to admit that they are a cute couple. They truly love each other. Since everyone is getting so lovey-dovey, I skip over to Zayn and kiss him and hug him. Then, everyone runs into a very squishy group hug. This is officially the Best Day EVER!!!!


Niall's POV

I knew that he would love their voices. What is there not to love about the pair. You can totally tell how close the two are. Maybe they can tour with us. Then, Leilani and I can always stay together no matter what. She has told me that she has always wanted to travel the world. I have to plan with Simon.


General POV

The group finally calms down and makes their way back to their place. The boys start digging through their fridge while the girls head to their rooms. 


With the girls

They start silent screaming and jumping up and down. Finally, they calm down and agree to go shopping. First, Leilani decides to call her family. 


Lei's POV

I gotta call Kara! 

K-Kara L-Leilani


L-Kara! I missed you sooo much! How are you?

K-Good. I broke up with Michael:(

L-Seriously!? Awww! Why?

K-Well, I knew that he was gonna break up with me, so I did it first. He actually admitted to me that he was gonna dump me. Pretty messed up. Anyway, this call is kinda out of the blue. What's up?

L-Well.........I just got signed onto Syco with Joy!!! AHHHHH!

K-No way! Seriously?! AHHHH! I'm soo  proud of you. I'm guessing you are gonna go shopping to celebrate?

L-You know us wayy too well. We gotta catch up sometime. When are you gonna come home?

K-Well, I'm gonna come home for your girls' graduation. (Joy and Lei skipped a grade and are the youngest of their grade.) 

L-Oh ya. Well, I miss you! Gonna call Naomi (Kara's best friend), Mom, Dad, and Ama (Grandma). Love you!

K-Love you too! Bye!


(Calls Naomi)

We decide to go to my house since my Ama is there every noon. We get there, and break the news. Hugs go all around and it is just awesome. Joy and I inform them that we are going shopping now, so we receive $150 each. After many thank yous, we leave.


Joy's POV

While Lei is on the phone, I call my house and my brother. I talk to my dad since I am really close to him. Then, I have a talk with David and Vanessa, my brother and his wife. We have a lot of fun and laughing, then we end the call. Lei and I go to her house and we get 150 bucks. Yeah! I am broke most of the time, so this is good news. Then, we head on over to Ala Moana. We hit a bunch of stores and buy makeup, hair stuff, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and what not. After a couple hours, we return home, exhausted.


Lei's POV

I love hanging out with Joy. We have so much fun together, and today is no exception. At home we crash onto the boys who are playing around on the couch. I think they are amazed by how much shopping we did today. We have never spent so much in our lives. I'm so glad I bought new hangers. Some are purple and some are green. I love purple and Niall loves green, so it works out. After five minutes of playing around and cuddling, we drag out butts and bags over to our rooms and put EVERYTHING away. It actually take about an hour. We also got some things to decorate our rooms with, so we help each other place everything in their place. After laying down on my bed, we smell something delicious. Both of us crawl into the kitchen and see Zayn and Niall bringing stuff onto the table. Our favorite foods are on the table!! Fluffy rolls, pizza, pasta, steak, corn, mini waffles, broccoli, and ramen adorn the table. After a little prayer, everyone digs in. We think that we are full, but immediately have some room left when we feast our eyes upon super duper chocolaty cakes. There is one with no frosting and I immediately know that one is for me. Joy and I exchange looks, then eat our shares.


Joy's POV

What an extravagant feast! I am sooo stuffed! Our boys are amazing! I know that the other boys were surprised by their cooking. I whisper to Lei and then we take deep breaths. We invite the boys to our graduation! They seem pretty surprised that we were Seniors. Since we are 17 instead of 18, we were expected to only be Juniors. We giggle at their expressions, and they gladly accept. Then, we lead the boys to our rooms to showcase them and show them each individual thing we purchased. Then with heavy eyelids, we shower then follow asleep. 


In the boy's minds

Whoa! I can't believe these girls are Seniors. They are really accomplished. I wonder how their college careers are going to affected by this singing opportunity. Well, I guess it will all be figured out in the morning!



Hey loves! I just posted a blog post! It is just saying how Laney and I have been super busy lately and that I deleted My Annoying Life. The post explains why. Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who has read and/or favorited this movella. I now have +1000 and 54 favorites! I am sooo grateful, and love you all! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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