When Wicked's Overrated

There is always that one weird person you go to school with. Well that's Eleanor. She only has a few friends, but even they think she's creepy. Everything haunts her, everything that's ever happened to her hurts her. Eleanor just wants to get away from everything. Her family was murdered by someone, no something. She knows exactly what. Vampire. The only thing she's feared her entire life, the only thing she's ever wanted to find. But what happens when she tries to kill the one vampire who could save her from the world?


2. Welcome Back to Wonderland

Things could've been perfect. They could've went exactly the way everyone wanted them to, but they don't. Some things always end with tradgedy. Love was just another one of those things.

I was sitting on the end of my bed cross-legged, looking down at Aerie, sitting on the floor. After the accident, I'd moved in with her family. We were actually sisters now. She had a little sister who always got her way by throwing a fit, but that was Payton for you.

I laughed at her. Aerie was the best thing for me. Hanging out with her made me forget about everything. I hadn't laughed in a long time, it felt good to just let it all go, just let the pain fall away.

"Remember the time where you went up to that guy at the mall, and he was totally checking you out. You took a Sharpie out of your purse and signed his forehead. He was completely shocked, but then he yelled call me. I thought you were going to die. I miss that. I miss you, El," Aerie looked up at me. She'd been laughing so hard that tears formed in her eyes.

"Fuck it. Fuck this. I miss me, too," I said smiling at her.

"So what are you going to do?" she asked, sounding really excited.

"I'm going to be me again. Forget all of this feeling sorry for myself. I used to have so many friends. People loved me, girls wanted to be me, guys wanted to date me. That was the life, not just sitting around here waiting for something to happen," by this time, Aerie's smile reached her ears.

I knew that the old me was bad, very bad. I was a bad girl. This might not be the best move for me to take, but who cares? I wanted to be bad again. It was fun. It's my life and I'm tired of not living it. It's what my family would want, it's what Bradley wanted for me, and it's exactly what I was going to do.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. Ew. How did the old me let me get like this? I reached up and pulled my hair out of the sloppy bun it was in, letting it cascade down my back. It wasn't too crazy, but I wanted to cut the brown waves shorter. I grabbed a pair of scissors and handed them to Aerie, she smiled.

After an hour, my hair was shorter and it was absolutely gorgeous. I was wearing a brand new outfit, and my makeup was to die for. Eleanor was back. I looked like the old Eleanor, but I wanted to be the old Eleanor.

"Let's go to the mall!" I started bouncing up and down. Aerie was just staring at me completely shocked.

"El, is that really you? You're back?" Aerie's eyes looked like they were getting ready to pop right out of her head. Oh, Aerial.

"Oh, I don't know, Aerie. I am pretty messed up remember? I was due to never recover."

"Oh, Eleanor, you know what? You're right. Are you ready to go catch us some boys, Sunshine?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."


The mall wasn't as crowded with girls as it should have been on a Friday night. There were so many boys. Perfect.

I wrapped my arm into Aerie's as we walked down the walkways in front of stores, as if it were a catwalk. Who were we kidding? There were boys everyone, and we looked good. This was a catwalk.

"Eleanor?" someone said behind us. I pulled my arm away from Aerie, I knew that voice. I knew I would regret turning around to meet the face that it belonged to.

Oliver Atlin. The boy who went out with me for a month and shattered my heart to pieces, the boy who turned me into a bad girl. I broke up with him for flirting with other girls and trying to force himself on me. Then to get back at me for humiliating him, he started dating one of my friends that was totally in love with him since the beginning of forever. Oliver was a dad now, he had a family at nineteen. He got my friend, Jane, pregnant and she had a little boy. Oliver finished school early and went to college on a scholarship, while Jane dropped out to stay at home with their son, Ethan.

I thought it was a pretty messed up situation for Jane. But with Karma, you get what you get. Jane tried so hard to break us up, then she tried to make me feel bad by bragging about their relationship to me. Not even a year later, Ethan was born, and both of their lives took a sudden turn for the worst.

"Oliver?" I acted really shocked and happy to see him. In my head, I just wanted him to go away. But he was the reason of why I am the way that I am now. I'm a bad girl. I never follow the rules, and I love playing with boys' hearts. They seem to have so much fun playing with ours, that I just decided, let's give this story a twist.

I smiled and he gave me a hug. I returned it. I was mean, but not that mean.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, like I really cared.

"Oh, I'm just out shopping with Jane and Ethan," he flicked his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of a store. Through the window, I could just make out Jane, she was holding a baby in one arm and bags in the other. Being a mom was a handful, I know, but she got what she deserved. I just with that Ethan was going to be okay.

"That's really cool. You know I haven't seen him since he was like two weeks old. When I came over to your place to watch him for you and Jane," he smiled. Jane walked over to us and handed the baby off, long enough to give Aerie and I each a hug. She took him back and showed him off to us. Like we really wanted to be there, fantasizing over her life, being with Oliver, and being a teen mom who basically had no life anymore. Good luck trying to tell her that.

It took us a good twenty minutes to finally shake them, so that Aerie and I could go shopping. We bought a little bit of everything. Literally. We had to share each other's budget's to get what we wanted. Everything was so expensive.

Last week, grandpa had said, buy whatever me and Aerie wanted for Christmas from him with his credit card. Go big or go home. Well, we went extra large.


I woke up the next morning, and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. It took me a half an hour to get ready, and I walked out of the bathroom wearing an entirely new outfit.

Time to get Aerie up and start packing. I walked over to her bed and pulled her into the bathroom kicking and screaming and shoved her into the tub, fully clothed. I thought she was going to kill me. I turned the water on cold, like she had told me to do when she gets like this, and she squealed.

I ran out of the bathroom and over to my suitcase to pack before she could do anything. I packed everything I could think of and waited until Aerie was ready to leave, using my spare time to watch a little tv.


We pulled into the drive way of an old-looking, cabin-like house. It was perfect. This is exactly what we needed. A perfect getaway, our escape plan.

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