When Wicked's Overrated

There is always that one weird person you go to school with. Well that's Eleanor. She only has a few friends, but even they think she's creepy. Everything haunts her, everything that's ever happened to her hurts her. Eleanor just wants to get away from everything. Her family was murdered by someone, no something. She knows exactly what. Vampire. The only thing she's feared her entire life, the only thing she's ever wanted to find. But what happens when she tries to kill the one vampire who could save her from the world?


1. Time Of Dying

"Just let it go, Eleanor, it's not worth it," Aerie flipped her blonde hair. My best friend, she wanted to find them just as much as I did. The vampires. Who wouldn't want to find a vampire. Since we were little, we'd always wanted to be vampires. We'd read every vampire book we could ever get our hands on, and we wanted to take a summer trip around the world, just to find a vampire.

As the years went on, I became obsessed with vampires. With the thought of meeting one, talking to one, turning into one, being one. I wanted to be a vampire. I wanted to live forever, even at the cost of my life as I know it. I wanted to be a vampire, and so did Aerie. I knew she didn't think about them as much anymore, now that we're older, she probably just thinks that I'm pretending. She probably thinks I'm still living in my own little world, as I always have been. As we got older, Aerie had forgotten, she thought boys were more important than the accident.

My parents had been killed almost a year ago, they'd been murdered, along with Alexander, my little brother. I was the only one who survived. But I still remember it, all of it. The blood, the screams, the voices. I can't get it out of my head. I just wanted to get ahold of a vampire, I wanted to be a vampire.


I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating. I didn't have a nightmare, but I knew something was off. Something was terribly wrong. I got up and went over to the bedroom door, I cracked it open and looked just outside of the door, watching. A black shadow dashed across the hallway, and I flung the door open, with my knife already open in my hand.

Alex's room was just across the hall from mine, and I ran into the room to get him. I grabbed the handle of his door and opened it slowly. As the door swung open, the smell hit me. Blood. I'd never smelt that much blood in my life. It was everywhere, the walls splashed, the sheets soaked, and there lay Alex's body. He looked so limp and lifeless, so cold. I wanted to go to him, but I couldn't move. I tried to scream, but there was no sound. I couldn't do anything.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to walk to him. Leaning over the top of his body, trying to find a pulse. His skin was cold to the touch, there was so much blood, and I knew that there was no way Alex was still alive. I took another breath, just as it hit me. Alex was dead. I opened my mouth to scream, but just as I did, someone else screamed. I grabbed my knife off the floor and ran out of the room, upstairs to mom and dad's room.

The door was already hanging open, I saw a dark figure leaned over the top of my mother's body. Draining all of her blood. I couldn't move, or scream. All I wanted to know is who was doing this, why were they doing this, and where was my dad? Why had this person killed everyone that I knew, everyone that I loved, and why was it slowly killing me?

I looked to my left and saw exactly what I was looking for. My dad's body was lying there, lifelessly, next to a busted up lamp. The lamp my mother and I had spent hours painting, the summer when I was six years old.

"Well aren't you a pretty one, Eleanor? You know who I am, don't you? You remember me. I'll be back, El, I'll come back for you."


I shook my head, clearing it from my memory. I couldn't think about that. I couldn't think about what had happened to my parents, my brother. I wished I'd woken sooner, I could've saved Alex. I could've kept him alive, even if it was just him. I wouldn't be alone. I'd have someone to believe me, someone who would know the truth about what really happened to my family.

Aerie looked at me, "Oh, Eleanor. Come on. You can't be serious. We were just little girls who had a phase all about the supernatural. Vampires aren't real. There are just some pretty sick people."

"Vampires are real, Aerial. You know that. A vampire killed my entire family, but he left me. You know what happened that night, you know the whole story. The one about the fangs. The one about all the blood. I took pictures of everything. You saw the whole thing. I called you right after I called the police. My family was murdered, and not by who, by what?" I looked at her, and she just rolled her eyes.

"You're so dramatic. Maybe that's why you got the lead role for the school play. I like it, El, I really do. But sometimes you just have to give it up. Let loose and be free. Don't think about it, don't think back on what happened. It's Friday, let loose and have a little fun."

"Whatever, Aerie. Don't believe me. But you know it's the truth."

"Eleanor, I know what happened. I know it's the truth, but everyone calls you the vampire girl, they call you a freak. I'm your best friend, I'm always there for you, and I stand up for you. They've taken it too far this time. They've started calling me names. So I can't hang around you as much anymore. The whole gang feels the same. We've talked."

I couldn't believe it. I was a freak, and everybody knew it. But now I was loosing my friends, too? I turned on my heel and walked all the way down the hallway, and straight out the front door. I didn't care anymore. Life as I knew it ended when my family died. The old me died with them.

Fuck it. I just kept walking. Sure it would take me a while to get to where I was going, but I would get there. I walked over to my car, the black, shiny, new Audi, that my grandfather had bought me after my whole family was murdered. It was to help me out a little, boost my confidence and my social status. It was supposed to help me forget, but nothing could ever make me forget what had happened to my family. Nothing.


I pulled into the parking lot. My eyes raked over the graves. There were so many of them. So many people that had died. Some of old age, some of cancer, and some of murder. Murder seemed to be the thing around me. Vampires, they murdered. Only I wanted to be one. I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself, I wanted to stop thinking about my family, I wanted to turn off my humanity and just live. I wanted to never grow old and die, I wanted to life forever young. Never loosing anything, never loosing music. I wanted to stop cutting my wrists up, with the pain of everything that had happened to me. I wanted to stop feeling everything so deeply.

I just want to run. I want to go somewhere far away and never look back. Without my family or my friends, for the time being, there wasn't a reason that I ever should come back. But I wanted one. I could say that I wanted to go explore the world, maybe I could say I missed my brother. I missed Alex, and that's why I came back into town.

No one loved me. Everyone treated me like I was a freak. I never wanted to be this way. I was always different from all the other kids. Alexander was my brother, and he was the only person who knew what was happening in my head. The only person who excepted what was happening to me.


"You're such a freak, Eleanor! Why would anyone ever want to be with you?" he screamed at me.

"But you said you loved me," I whispered. There he was, standing right in front of me. Bradley. The only person I wanted to be with in the entire world. He was gorgeous, an emo boy, with as many scars as he knew songs, but he was mine. He was the only thing that kept me who I was. Bradley made me feel like I wasn't going crazy. Maybe he did drink a lot with his friends, maybe he did smoke. Bradley was the only thing that kept my fears from becoming a reality.

"Well I lied. Think about it, El, we could've had the world. What's wrong with you? I thought I was in love with you. I was going to ask you to marry me, I wanted to marry you. I did love you. I wanted to be your's forever."

"That doesn't make any sense. If you wanted to get married, then why did you say you lied? Why did you lie about loving me?" I asked him, softly. His brown eyes were almost a black, from his anger. "What's wrong with me?" I whispered.

"Nothing," Bradley stepped forward and grabbed my wrists, pulling me close to him. "Nothing is wrong with you. It's my fault. I slept with your best friend. I know it was wrong. I know that I shouldn't have. I'd just been drinking and I-" I shoved him away.

"Get away from me." He just stared at me in disbelief.

"Eleanor, please just let me expl-," I cut him off. "Just go, Brad. Just leave."

He stepped forward, and pulled me into a hug. He held me there for a long time, what felt like forever. I couldn't fight back, I couldn't move. I was too numb. Bradley looked me in the eyes as he pulled away, and kissed me on the forehead. "Goodbye, Sunshine."


I opened my eyes, now standing in front of a grave. Bradley Rein. We were in love. Bradley and I. Someday I wanted to get married and have a family of my own with him, but he left me.

In the summer of 2010, Bradley killed himself. He was found with his wrists slit, and the words "Goodbye, Sunshine" carved into his arms. All that had been left by him, was his blood and his body. I knew he'd wanted this, he wanted it all along. Bradley never wanted to live long and happy. He was never happy. I was his Sunshine. The only light in his day. He said it as a nice gesture, seeing as how dark I was, and how much darker I have become.

The night he died, he wrote me a letter and a song. He wanted me to live, he wanted me to forget all the pain that I'd ever felt, and he wanted me to be strong. I wanted to know that he was in a better place, that he was finally happy.

For two years, Bradley's been gone. I got called "Sunshine" and tormented at school. Everyone blamed me for his death, his friends, my ex-best friend, Ladden, the girl who'd ended us. She pretended to be my friend just so that she could get back to Bradley, they'd broken up and he'd long-since moved on, but she still didn't draw attention away from herself.

I walked over and grabbed a handful of roses, tears streaming down my face. Everything was gone, everyone I loved, my whole life. Everything was gone, everyone had died, and left me here to wilt. Just like the poor paint splattered roses. Poor little Eleanor, the sunshine girl, emo suicide. But no one realized, that's not what it was. I wasn't in physical pain, I never had been. I'd been through so much darkness and torment, I didn't know where the pain stopped.


I'd been sitting in front of my family's graves for a while, just talking out loud to them, to nothing. I just needed some space, some time away from it all. The world is just too much sometimes, even after all that I've lost. I haven't been able to gain anything in return.

Leaves crunched beneath someone's feet as they walked up the path towards me. I looked up, Aerie was all wrapped up for the weather, clad with gloves, a hat, a scarf, and a coat, all the way down to her little boots.

"I'm sorry, El," she looked like she was about to cry, herself. "I didn't want to fight with you, I love you like a sister, no you are my sister, you know that. I'm leaving in the morning, and you're coming with me."

"It's okay, Aerie. I know you didn't mean it, but we always fight, and it's always the same. You know I'll always forgive you, you are my sister, so it's not like I could ever just ignore you," she smiled, "So where are we going?" I asked, suddenly excited.

"Well we're going to Maine. I've gotten a lot of sources report, "weird happenings", and "mysterious murder." Some say that the same man is in charge of it all. So I figure, little slayer girl, we might have our man," Aerie looked at me and winked. She knew the story, and even she knew all too well that I wanted to get my hand on a vampire. I wanted to be a vampire, and I wanted to kill only one. The vampire who killed my family. I never wanted to be in love again. I wanted to be drunk on blood, and never feel this pain again.


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