Tale of Secrets

Faith, is in a horrible situtation, her moms passing was hard on her, but she never knew what her mom was really doing. Now everyone wants answers, Faith as to find the Tales between the secerets. Will anyone help her along her journey?

Lialicious, LittleMissGeek & Charrdy_Grace_1D are my co-authors:) go check out their movelals


6. What Do They Mean?

Faith's POV

I take the bag out of his hand examining it closely, Ben looks over my shoulder also examining the bag. "Should we call the number?" I suggest. To be honest, I was scared. I look over my shoulder, and Ben was gone. I turn around and I see Ben holding a phone in his hand walking back towards me. Ben is still acting wierd, I don't know what came over him. I read off the numbers as he types them in. He puts the phone on speaker as we await an answer.

"Hello" I heard a women speak.

"Hi" I manage to squeak out.

"Ah, yes Faith, how are you dear, I haven't talked to you in years"

"Who are you?" Ben asks

"Who am I? You called me dear" she laughs.

I know that laugh....

"Look" he starts, but I interupt him

"Ok listen, we are so confused right now" I continue to ramble on about what has happend to us.

"Oh! yes, yes I'm still surprised you have no idea who I am!"

"Quit playing games and tell us who you are!" Ben says

"It's ok, relax" I mouth to Ben

"Ask Faith dear, I have a feeling she knows who I am"

I shrug, and all of a sudden it hits me

I start to tremble "Mom?" I croak

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