Tale of Secrets

Faith, is in a horrible situtation, her moms passing was hard on her, but she never knew what her mom was really doing. Now everyone wants answers, Faith as to find the Tales between the secerets. Will anyone help her along her journey?

Lialicious, LittleMissGeek & Charrdy_Grace_1D are my co-authors:) go check out their movelals


9. Waking up

I woke up to find that I was by myself. I got out of his bed and walked past my room. I see that Ben was sleeping in my bed. I smile and go into the living room and turn on the TV. The news was on.


"Strange things has been happening around here." The light brown haired reporter says.

"I know. Strange letters have being received all over. The letters have no postal stamp so how are they being mailed? People see the mail carrier delivering their mail, but how do they do it? Stay tuned" a tan blonde reporter adds.


"So others are also receiving letters as well" Ben says right behind me. I jump not excepting him to be behind me. "Sorry" he replies realizing he scared me.

"It's okay" I say smiling. He comes around and sits down next to me thinking about what this all means.

"So.....do others have the others missing parts to the riddle. Was one of there loved ones deaths faked?" Ben says as an idea.

"I nod, that's what I was thinking. But who would go through all this trouble, to stage several death, kidnap them, host a fake funeral then send tons of letters and have a se-"

"I know, I know things don't add up" he runs his fingered through his hair. "I don't even know what's going on any more"

"I don't either" I say covering my face up with my hands. With a whisper I repeat "I don't either".

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