Tale of Secrets

Faith, is in a horrible situtation, her moms passing was hard on her, but she never knew what her mom was really doing. Now everyone wants answers, Faith as to find the Tales between the secerets. Will anyone help her along her journey?

Lialicious, LittleMissGeek & Charrdy_Grace_1D are my co-authors:) go check out their movelals


5. The Market

Faith's POV

It was so hot outside, even though we were both dressed in the coolest clothes we could find. The streets were crowded with cars, scooters and more people, mainly heading the same way as us. It wasn't really a long walk to the market, it was just the heat that made it seem like it lasted forever. Me and Ben chatted the whole way there, mainly about the key and Ben's mom.

"She was just..." Ben started as we reached the entrance to the little outdoor market, "So strange. She's never been like that before."

"Yeah," I agree, picking up a few carrots from a little stall and handing them over with a 10 euro note to the owner. "She definitely knows something." The stall owner hands me back the carrots in a little paper bag and pushes a five euro note into my other hand.

"But what?" Ben asks, leading me, by the hand, over to another stall. Oh God, his hands were so strong. He'd never held my hand before, other than when we were about 12 and watching our first horror movie. I kind of like it.

He lets go of my hand just as we reach the stall, showing me it didn't mean anything. Dang. "I don't know," I say, answering his question, wanting him to hold my hand again, just for another minute. Or two.

Ben's POV

Man, I am such an idiot. Why did I let go of her hand? Her hand just seemed to fit into mine. Well, I thought it did. Faith probably didn't feel the same. 

Faith's POV

We left the market about an hour later, carrying 6 full bags of groceries. It had been kind of awkward between me and Ben since he held my hand. He seemed really quiet. And that was completely strange for Ben. Like really strange. 

When we got back to the house, Ben offered to put the food away, so I let him and go straight to my room. The key was in the box on my bedside table, with the little letter from my mom next to it. I read it over again, just to see her handwriting. Silent tears start falling down my face.

"Faith!" Ben shouts from the kitchen, "Get in here!"

I run into the kitchen, to where Ben is holding a brown paper bag. "What?"

"Hey, are you ok?" he asks, walking over to me.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Well, look what I found," Ben says, holding up the paper bag.

"What?" I answer, there is nothing but a bunch of numbers on the bag.

"The numbers," He replies, "It looks like a phone number."

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