Tale of Secrets

Faith, is in a horrible situtation, her moms passing was hard on her, but she never knew what her mom was really doing. Now everyone wants answers, Faith as to find the Tales between the secerets. Will anyone help her along her journey?

Lialicious, LittleMissGeek & Charrdy_Grace_1D are my co-authors:) go check out their movelals


4. The Closet

Faith's POV

When I reached his closet I crawled to the back of it, Ben was following close behind,with the key in my hand, I place it in the lock and turn it, it opens. Scared of what might come out, I crawl back to Ben, and sit close to him. Ben takes the key from me and goes into the closet and locks it back up. He walks out of his room, I follow him like a lost puppy. I follow him to the couch, sitting down right next to him. He puts his arm around me, we both weredead scilent. Then, he breaks the silence  "What I don't understand is that how did, whoever gave us this key, know we were going to move here with that particular door?"

"I have no idea" I reply, just starting to yawn. I was just as confused as he was. "Wait Didn't your mom help us pick this house out?" I ask.

"Yeah, she did" he says sitting up.

"So we now know both out moms had to do with...whatever is happening"

Ben picks up the phone to call his mom, to sort everything out.

Ben's POV

I dial my mom's number



"Hey mom"

"Oh hi Ben! How are you?"

"I'm fine I just have a quick question"

"Sure thing"

"The house you helped pick us out..." I start "Do you know anything about the door in my closet or why there was a key in a box that arrived at our door?"

"Now Ben why would I know anything about the black box?"



"I never said anything about a black box" after I said that, she was scilent

"I said too much" I hear her mummer "Um.... I need to go..um your dad needs help, nice talking to you Ben..Byeeee" I hang up.


"Well that was wierd" I say tossing the phone on the couch, sitting back down next to Faith.

"What did she say?" she asks. So, I repeat to her what my mom said. "Something wierd is going on" she says looking into my eyes, we stare in each others eyes for a moment, I try to go in for a kiss but she backs away.

"What?" I say trying to cover up what I just tryed to do. "You have something in your hair" thankfully there really was something in her hair.

Faith's POV

I knew he wasn't going in for a kiss, thats why I backed away, I didn't want to kiss him if he didn't want to kiss me. That would of been awkward. I manage a fake a fake smile "Haha thanks" I look up at the clock, oh my gosh, it's already noon. How could time go so fast?! "Hey, we need to go to the market to day right? We need to get more fruits and vegtables."

"Yes we do" says Ben getting his wallet, "Ready to go?"

"Yep" I say. Hoping up and grabbing my purse. I was feeling something unforgetable was going to happen on this trip.

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